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Crazy Things Tom Cruise Does Everyone Ignores

 Tom Cruise is not just an actor, he is a phenomenon. He has starred in some of the biggest movies of all time, but he has also done some of the weirdest things ever. Here are some of them:

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– He loves to jump on couches, especially when he is in love. He once jumped so high on Oprah’s couch that he almost hit the ceiling. He also scared the crap out of Katie Holmes, who later divorced him.

– He is a big fan of aliens and Scientology. He believes that we are all immortal beings who have lived on other planets before. He also thinks that psychiatry is evil and that vitamins can cure everything.


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– He is a daredevil who does his own stunts, even when they are insane. He has broken almost every bone in his body while doing stunts for his movies, such as hanging from a plane or climbing the tallest building in the world.

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– He is obsessed with his diet and fitness. He only eats organic food, drinks gallons of water, and works out for hours every day. He also avoids anything that might make him happy, like sugar, salt, and caffeine.


Tom Cruise teeth poor baby

Tom Cruise Teeth before he was famous

– He has a weird thing with his teeth. He has spent a fortune on fixing his smile, but he still has a crooked tooth that annoys everyone. Some people have even made a game out of finding his tooth line in his movies.


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