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Chris Brown Arrested in Paris on Suspicion of Rape (Scandal)

Chris Brown the “Undecided “R&B Singer has been arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape. Chris Brown was in great spirits in LAX Studios as he got ready for his show in Paris days before he was arrested for suspicion of rape.

Brown,has had a slew of legal issues and also other rape allegations last year a women also had filed suit against brown for rape. Breaking news just hours ago we were alerted by the Daily Beast and other reputable news outlets that the singer has been detained based on a direct reported incident that happened on Jan 16 and Jan 17th of 2019.

The accusations come from a women who claimed she was allegedly sexually assaulted by,Chris Brown and his bodyguard.

Two other men, identified by French media as Brown’s bodyguard and a friend, have also been arrested. Brown has not yet commented on the allegations. He previously received five years’ probation and a community-service order for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna in his car in 2009.

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