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Charleston White Speaks out about TK Kirkland Livenation Tour He Never Paid Me

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Charleston White wasn’t Paid by Roc Nation on Comedian TK Kirkland Tour

Law of Power never Outshine the Master

Charleston White a comedian and social media content creator has been bamboozled by his own people. Well it’s obvious that TK Kirkland isn’t one of them after he was exposed by White who claimed he wasn’t paid the amount he thought he would. White was told he could not bring people back stage sell his merchandise and what made him upset was he could not even bring his mother backstage while he was on the Live nation tour when he was not even getting paid.


The Charleston White | Asheville NC


If you do not know who Charleston White is make sure you watch our channel to see some short clips and also search him out on Youtube and Clubhouse, he saids his personality is akin to Dick Gregory and Dolemite he also informed us all when he had other content no one seemed to care he ended up using what people clowned him for into a stength and building on it he had a plan and and worked because we would not be writing talking and reacting to him right now. TK Kirkland has responded and he claims Charleston White is new in the comdian game and he should not be paid anything cause he is not established.


Charleston White was a youth activist serving his community and he has been very vocal about calling the police on anyone who tries to harm him he has spoke out about everyone from Jada Pinkette to Will Smith to Aiden Ross and also Adam22 and now he is speaking on TK Kirkland, who has been on the radar for a while in regards to scamming comedians and musicians but never before did we hear someone who was not afraid of him or Live Nation so this is what happened..

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I wonder what Paul Mooney would say about this ordeal?


Charleston White claims he was not paid for his hosting for Kirkland’s Shows at the end of each show everyone else would be paid while Charleston was asked to fill out a 1099 which means, he was sent his earnings in the mail he was never signed to Live Nation he was an Independent contractor. After Charleston noticed that he was not getting paid for his work he found out LiveNation put his show on their website which they had nothing to do with it.

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Charleston White,  was a tad bit suspicious and saw others get paid and started to notice that there were things that bothered him like Kirkland telling him “Don’t try to be funny while hosting” This was not only a shock to Charleston it was a shock to me hearing it. We all know that in this game of music, it is like organized crime what you do not know can hurt you. In this climate of the content creation book TK may have felt he was outshined by Charleston White, the fact that White has yet to appear on VLADTV where TK makes a lot of money to speak on various topics.

Red Flags White was concerned about during his time with Live Nation touring with TK Kirkland

TK Kirkland Responds To Charleston White Dissing Him: "He Didn't Understand Corporate America" - YouTube

Kirkland said You have to pay it forward meaning get to the event and pay for your hotel food and travel expenses while he gets paid by the door, Charleston said the tour started July 5th in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and he was given a check for $500, he also said he was step by step discouraged by his so-called Mentorship of TK Kirkland who claims he helped Mike Epps in the game and also a few other comedians.  TK called Charleston and set him up with LiveNation yet he made him sign up with his EPK his Bio and management information.

Charleston White brought in more people due to his virality only to be paid $500 for multiple shows he also claimed Floyd Money Mayweather came to see him in Vegas not just TK Kirkland so that must mean he is an asset not just one of the comedians thirsty for a spot next to Kirkland. There is a video out on Youtube, Corey Holcomb from  Wilden Out a great comedian and commentator make sure to check out Corey on his show 5150 Show with Darlene Ortiz Craig Smith and other co-hosts come on the show as of recent Scruncho a comedian who knows TK Kirkland spoke about his character and how the show went with White only making the statements made by Charleston even more powerful and creditable.

  • Can’t get paid on tour and gave him $250 in front of fan signings backstage
  • No Props
  • No security backstage
  • No guests backstage
  • No expenses paid by TK Kirkland or Livenation


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TK Kirkland addresses his dispute with Charleston White over a Live Nation deal

TK Kirkland has been working with low-level comedians alongside Roc Nation. He probably, signed with TK and White as a host who gets paid by Kirkland as an independent contractor. Charleston White even said that he was told to fill out a 1099. The issue was he was told he would get mailed a check not paid in cash. Comedians musicians actors and just about anyone in entertainment these days has to perform without pay at first then you can headline what Tk told Charleston this is how the game works, of course, Charleston was not hearing that and decided to tell his own story and he held nothing back.

Charleston White said he couldn’t get his team backstage, Charleston’s 80-year-old grandmother could not get backstage. The team and his other overhead cost were two thousand dollars per show and without TK Kirkland’s permission, he was seen toasting having parties in rooms backstage with women giving out backstage.


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The fact that White has been so popular on Social media has him racking in a lot of money honestly,  he did not need TK he has been getting paid more than $10K for interviews due to his controversial stance on rappers calling the police and not loving the rap culture when it comes to killing other people and committing crimes seems like a contradiction if you see how he dresses and how he speaks but that is just my opinion.


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