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  • Kristinia Debarge I Dont Giva




    James DeBarge Daughter Kristina is on Fire on this track!
    Nothing but the best music on

  • Cardi B ‘s New Movie

    Cardi B is making money moves and now she will debut a movie with JLo okurr!

    Hustlers will premiere November 2019 will you go see it ?

  • Is it Real or Not Alaskan Bush Accused of Fake Storytelling

    Is Reality Show    Not So Real? All The Accusations That ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are Fake…

    Not too long ago the Brown family had some locals say they stayed at a hotel and did not live outside as they depict on the TV Show” Alaskan Bush People” the show has his children and his wife living outside in tents for a time as they build a cabin from scratch.

    We later find out that Billy was a writer and pitched the book a few times but back then he did not get one interested publisher. The family is said to live in a hotel and they shoot in the set of land called Brown Town that they did not build allegedly.

    The show has so much to laugh about from them not being able to use tech and also the women who they meet would run for the hills once they saw t they lived outside the business that Billy Brown tried to start seaboat  ferry hauling small business but with no money when it takes money to make money so it was a disaster waiting to happen that boat sunk on an episode shortly after == when Billy Brown was accused of fraud many people felt they fell for the bait and switch and stopped watching Discovery Channels “Alaskan Bush People” so your probably wondering what the Alaskan bush people net worth?

    Noah Brown the brains of the family


    With the success of “Alaskan Bush People,” the family has earned enough. According to InTouch Weekly, the Brown family’s Net Worth is $60 million wherein Billy earns $500,000 while the kids are worth $40,000 to $60,000 each.


    Alaskan Bush People

    Brown-town is a Movie Set Not where they Live

    The land is leased and not owned by Billy Brown reported from Radar online and other news outlets have reported. The cabin was built by locals so its a game of show and tell.

    Billy and His Family are not From Alaska…A few years ago he and his sons were accused of fraud and Billy went to jail all is well now – people locally claim that the show is a hoax and this is nothing more than a portrayal of Billys attempts to become a writer when that did not work out the autobiographical book was sold to Discovery.


    Love Affair Between Bam- Bam  Brown  and Show Producer Allison Kegan i found it quite strange that a women of her caliber would date a actor/reality star on the same show but guess stranger things have happened.

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  • Nipsey Hussel Last victory Lap


  • Fenty Beauty Bronzer Backlash

    By: Camille  Nelson

    Rihanna platinum selling  Pop music singer model and now business women  of FENTY BEAUTY FOUNDATION has fans and bystanders — this time it must have blown right passed us here because one day we saw Riri  was coming out with a new Geisha Bronzer next day it was  not going  down anymore so what really happened ?



    Rhianna has great business sense and she is killing the game with her make up and lingerie line Fenty X
    RIHANNA’S LINGERIE LINE -Rihanna at the launch of her new lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, on May

    For the first time in history a women of color has actually started her own makeup line for all shades of colors not just for people who are african descent people love her makeup and it actually blends well into your skin lipstick body butter  lipsticks foundations that actually look like your skin.

    Personally as a african american women i have to mix foundations to get my skin to look more like my own color prices start at $26 – $47 from what we surveyed so it is affordable and from what we can tell people are not complaining about the quality of the product  but nick picking at her for the name when Kylie Jenner has a gold grill on her lip kits okay…

    The reason ” Cultural Appropriation” what .. well yes some how some way this new wave so sensitive people believe Rihanna’s Company has the  right to brand their items in the same way that other people get away with each day Kardashians may be behind it because Kylie’s Lip Kits and all the other items she sells seem like child’s play next to Fenty Beauty.


    Fetishesizes JAPANESE culture when they have movies called Geisha girl and there has been many items eyeshadows lipsticks named after the same name i believe  rihanna is a good business women and she has take the release off the shelves do too the whiners.


    Either way support your girl and try our Fenty Beauty products she also has a lingerie line in the making as well so hey what else could a girl ask for ?

  • Nipsey Hussel Shooting Suspect Arrested and CHARGED with MURDER

    Los Angeles -Nipsey Hussle’s murderer has been arrested his name is Eric Holder, he was known by Nipsey and his close friends and associates during the visual for the slain rapper there were some disturbances and people were hurt.


    The women who drove away was said to be involved and it may be the girlfriend of Holder who has been charged with murder it is sad to see for a man who seemed so positive was killed after leaving the gang life.


    Nipsey business partner spoke up and said that he knew why it happened it was jealousy and envy he had a lot to say about the man but did not provide more details about how long this so called hate has been stewing. Footage was released recently that showed a man injuring two others and intentionally killed Nipsey Hussle was the plan as far as we have been told by our source in los angeles.


    he was charged with illegal firearm and charged with murder the suspect came up and told Nipsey he was a rapper and even shook his hand and got a hamburger from a nearby fast food restaurant it is said it was hate and envy and  jealousy no motive no beef according to Nispey business partner the building was purchased by Ashegom aka Nipsey Hussle who was a rapper grammy award winner just weeks ago and also helped the black community.


    I will be honest because the radio stations play the same artists so much was just about to write a story about Nipsey Hussle I had not got a chance to listen to his music so I did after hearing his death no i am not a die hard fan but as a new fan.


    Nipsey was a special person you can tell because of the love he has received from his fans and also those in the music industry and beyond

    I will purchase his music to help his family .. as i got the message he died he was  innovator in the music industry owning his own masters and having a great catalog of music that has all bangers from one song to the next being from the LA area I feel that the violence needs to stop and african americans with the black on black crime is getting old. It was murder in cold blood RIP Nipsey you will be remembered .

  • Nipsey Hustle Dead at 33

    Los Angeles CA- Nipsey Hustle independent rapper has now died murdered in cold blood at his own store in California.


    Rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed march 31, 2019
    Rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed in a shooting outside his store in South Los Angeles. Rick Montanez reports for NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on March 31, 2019. (Published 5 hours ago)

    Many in the rap community and also fans were heartbroken he was a innovator and a businessman and inspired many.Nipsey, has a child with Laura London and has other children.

    The shooting occurred at approximate 3:20 p.m. in the 3400 block of Slauson Avenue, Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department said. Lopez said that it was an ongoing investigation, no one had been detained and the suspect or suspects remained at large.
    The shooting occurred at approximate 3:20 p.m. in the 3400 block of Slauson Avenue, Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department said. Lopez said that it was an ongoing investigation, no one had been detained and the suspect or suspects remained at large.

    In Slauson, crenshaw in Los Angeles crowds gathered for the late rapper to mourn the rapper social media has been on fire with people paying their respects.


    “Shooting Nipsey on Crenshaw and Slauson is like walking into the Oval Office and shooting the President. No hyperbole,” wrote one distraught man on Twitter.


    According to TMZ and NBC the rapper was shot down outside his own store he owned. Airmiess Joseph Asghedom, known professionally as Nipsey Hussle, was an American rapper and songwriter from Los Angeles, California

  • Nipsey Hustle Shot and Murdered

    Nipsey Hustle Shot in his store in LA..

  • Cardi B Files Suit Against Unwine With Tasha K and Star Marie

    #SurvivingCardiB hashtag has went viral because of Tasha K  the same famous Youtuber who is being sued by rapper CARDI B because she defamed cardi b character we are confused because she is has a song  she is rappen on where she saids with her own mouth” Fuck him that i get the money what does that mean ?

    Allegedly she has herpes alleged she does drugs and Cardi has had it she now will sue TASHA K for slander.


    Cardi B has filed paperwork to sue Tasha K.

    Word on the streets is that  Cardi B Is tired of the bloggers and youtubers who slander her character and she is tired of it but let’s see what that means she is not a women of class for some and for some she is hood rich ,Cardi B  has made a name for herself.

    Cardi has has platinum and gold albums and she is successful – many do not like her persona where she acts like she can say and act the way she wants and make it seem as if people of all walks of life will love her for it black women on youtube in some channels claim they do not like the way Cardi makes it seem as if people are picking on her but the video came out just days of filing her motion to sue STAR MARIE  and Tasha K for promoting this alleged herpes she does not have.



    The song sounds like an 80’s rap song he keeps saying the same thing over and over at least Cardi B verse was better but BLUE FACE claims the room smelled like dead racoons.


    OFFSET   her husband also was on social media threatening him to apologize this is a rumor that  he told a blogger and the blogger spilled the beans for more on this story see more here

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