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  • Cardi B Files Suit Against Unwine With Tasha K and Star Marie

    #SurvivingCardiB hashtag has went viral because of Tasha K  the same famous Youtuber who is being sued by rapper CARDI B because she defamed cardi b character we are confused because she is has a song  she is rappen on where she saids with her own mouth” Fuck him that i get the money what does that mean ?

    Allegedly she has herpes alleged she does drugs and Cardi has had it she now will sue TASHA K for slander.


    Cardi B has filed paperwork to sue Tasha K.

    Word on the streets is that  Cardi B Is tired of the bloggers and youtubers who slander her character and she is tired of it but let’s see what that means she is not a women of class for some and for some she is hood rich ,Cardi B  has made a name for herself.

    Cardi has has platinum and gold albums and she is successful – many do not like her persona where she acts like she can say and act the way she wants and make it seem as if people of all walks of life will love her for it black women on youtube in some channels claim they do not like the way Cardi makes it seem as if people are picking on her but the video came out just days of filing her motion to sue STAR MARIE  and Tasha K for promoting this alleged herpes she does not have.



    The song sounds like an 80’s rap song he keeps saying the same thing over and over at least Cardi B verse was better but BLUE FACE claims the room smelled like dead racoons.


    OFFSET   her husband also was on social media threatening him to apologize this is a rumor that  he told a blogger and the blogger spilled the beans for more on this story see more here

  • “Empire” May Be Cancelled Because of Jussie Smollett HOAX

    Empire actor/singer  Jussie Smollett was recently in court and now faces up to  50 years if found guilty  of 16 counts based on the alleged hoax he planned with the Nigerian brothers some say he took advantage of sad part is he lied to the police 16 times and used a letter he may have allegedly written to himself and sent to FOX Empire offices.

    Insider on the” Empire” staff claim the renewal of the show has not come in at this time Fox has not updated the show and it now hangs in the balance because of the HOAX involving a letter to Jussie Smollett and then the attack implicating Jussie as the main person to orchestrate the fake hate crime plot in Chicago in late January.

    According to the insider people are on edge and nervous because of the bad press and Jussie Smollett has not been officially fired from the show he will be written out of the show.

    Jussie Smollett  has been on the show from the start many people are outraged because it is fake hate crime and it targeted Trump supporters and  white ethnicity at the same time and there was a fake noose so it looks bad for Jussie, we will keep you updated on this story as we get more details one thing that has changed is how we consume music and also how artists create a buzz how do we know what is real and fake if their are hoax’s we do not know about?


    Black women charged with Hate Crime after saying she Hates White People .. and Assault 

  • Jhonny Depp Files New Court Documents that Prove he never Hit Amber Heard

  • Will Wendy Williams Address Hiatus Away From Show Upon Return?

    As reported by Radar online a source came forward to say she will not address her hiatus away from show she will come back and business will be as usual TV show host  Wendy Williams  has been out sick for more than 3 weeks.

    Wendy Show Staff are planning a big ‘Welcome back’ show where Wendy will address her health problems, but she isn’t going to be saying anything else,” said the insider. Wendy is expected to return  on March 4, 2019.

    More than 60 days after her health aka My man is cheating on me again… issues as reported by The Wendy Williams show she has had other pop culture hosts chefs and pod casters on the show and also Sherri Shepherd, Nick Cannon and Jerry O’ Connell did a wonderful job whereas a host we are not aware of who she was before the show refused to address the Jussie Smollett Hoax stating she Knows him and was quite rude with Micheal Yee Radio Personality on Sirius Satellite radio.

    Internet TV/Radio

    Williams took time off to deal with graves disease.. Then rumor started to come out even in the tabloids that she needs to “GET OUT” of the relationship her mother in law Pearl said she saw Wendy being thrown down the stairs but it seems no one has called the cops not even her staff how sad..

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    Long time fans of the show  also believe Wendy’s  empathy is Karma  because of how Wendy Williams speaks on other people when the chips are down for them so many believe it is Karma for what she has said on air and on TV for decades.


    So don’t expect to drink any tea let alone sip it with Wendy guess she wants to keep talking trash about everyone else but cant sit in the hot seat herself this was just after she said to Nick Cannon he had a OOPS BABY!

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    Sources inside the Wendy show say there was a Ultimatum  given to Wendy’s please watch us Now to See What Went Down.

  • Booze Binges & Suicide Threats: Inside Kristoff St. John’s Tragic Life Before Death

    Kristoff St Johns died on Feb. 3, 2019, according to his close friends and family the soap star was struggling with the loss of his son Julian who died in the care of a mental facility.

    According to St Johns his son was found with a bag over his head St Johns and his ex wife MIA   were suing the hospital in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Mental Health facility.


    Before St Johns death he was said to be lonely insolated and he made suicidal threats himself sad to see when the man was loved by his castmates and fans sources say he had some “Dark Habits”

    The soap star expressed his horror of finding out that his son died with a bag over his head in the care of the mental facility.

    The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John Is Engaged to Girlfriend Kseniya Mikhaleva
    Credit: Kristoff St. John/Instagram

    Kristoff St. Johns has been on the Young and the Restless for over a decade according to Radaronline.com the Los Angeles Police department alleges that St Johns was on a binge of drinking and it went too far tragically.

  • Wendy Williams Cancels AGAIN Delays Comeback … (Husband Side Chick Pregnant)

    #Wendywilliams #kevinhunterandsharinahudson

    Wendy Williams Cancels Again delays return may be embarrassed to face audience.kevin hunter side chick Sharina Hudson Pregnant parents demand he leave Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams sick again not sure she has chosen to look the other away he also had a thing for telling interns to wear tight clothes and told Wendy and she was told to do what Kevin said to do and that the intern heard her hit the wall she did not see it but claims it was normal..

    Wendy and her husband built her brand and now her net worth is at 60 Million. Kevin Hunter did say he would take it all on Howard Stern we will find that clip and show you more of what we find about this show.

    Is this a reality check for Wendy Williams does she need to leave Kevin to the side and move on. Kevin Hunter under the radar and he is doing the most with the side chick he is known for being abusive and has a lot of women on the side she acts like she does not care but he is known to hit Wendy alleged he is Ike Turner and her hand in the sling may be when she found about his oops baby.

    Before Wendy he was not a manager in the talk show realm everything he is is because of Wendy she needs to check her tea cup he is also her manager and spouse.

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  • Alonfso Ribeiro Sues Forte Night for Copyright Infringement Carlton Dance 🤑🤑💲💲💰

    Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince of Bel Air ,Sues Forte Night for Copyright Infringement Carlton Dance.Alfonso Ribeiro is an American actor, director, dancer, and TV personality who has a net worth of $7 million dollars. Born in The Bronx, New York, in 1971, Alfonso Ribeiro started working in show business when he was eight years old.

    Image result for Alfonso ribeiro sues fortnite.

    It’s such a well known dance even this new generation knows the Carlton  dance thanks to ruruns and pop culture shows who kept it alive. Nowadays people are not playing around with large companies stealing content.

    Image result for carlton dance fortnite gif

    Ribeiro is a great dancer did you see him on dancing with the stars?


    Will Smith and Ribeiro were just on his Youtube channel as he did the bungee jump  on his Birthday with Jaden and Willow Smith ,unlike Aunt Vivian aka Janice ,  he has not speaking against Will Smith the way she has as a child he was in a MJ commercial and he has been a staple in the Hollywood for quite some time.

    Image result for Alfonso ribeiro sues fortnite.

    Alfonso,  has already filed court documents to sue the famous game of the year Fortnite.Suing fortenite could mean millions for Ribeiro we do not blame him being  the company has amassed a lot of wealth get your copyright’s on all your intellectual property and then sue!


    The carlton dance cost ? it can be $1.99 each time a person wants to use the dance skin on the game and there are millions of users so the dance  is called Ice walker. Many people love the game and its hit an all time high and popularity with Twitch and Youtube Gamers.


    Cardi B is suing a Blogger catch our News Update @ 8PM to learn more!

  • Cardi B and Offset Broke Up

    Cardi b announced she is not with “Offset ” anymore is this a shock ?

    Personally we saw it before it happened there is just so much you can take plus she had tried as hard as she could at the end of the post she said “Yall won!

    Image result for offset

    Word on the street was he cheated with multiple women.. so maybe its better for her to move on to a new flame.

    Related image

    Many people think that the relationship was a business deal but Cardi did say it’s nobody’s fault .. we are got love for one another and decided to move on so guess we will have to see what happens.

    Image result for offset

    Bad part is we can’t control what happened with that man’s life he and like Cardi B was ride or die but it seemed like a lot was going on he is young and dumb with all these women running after him.


    Related image

    At the end of the day both of them work hard and got married really fast maybe he tried to marry her and do what was respectful but it did not last Baby culture is  months old.

    I’m glad Cardi b moved on but the internet doesn’t believe it alot of people think its a way to get more views and sales on his new music coming out soon.

  • Robert De Niro and Wife Grace Split After 20 years!

    The couple who met at a restaurant in 1997 in London has now split. De Niro have two children together  Grace their( son)  Elliott 20, and daughter Grace age 6.

    Related image
    Robert De Niro children

    According to several credible media outlets Grace Hightower and Actor Robert De Niro known for his talent  starring in films like The Godfather Part ll,  Casino, Goodfellas and numerous Box office hits.

    Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at Showtime's world premiere of The Fourth Estate at Tribeca Film Festival Screening 2018
    Robert de niro wife Grace Hightower

    De Niro is a private man there is much rumor or gossip surrounding his personal life so we respect his wishes to keep out of the spotlight.

    The pair have been living separately for some time, The Hollywood Reporter, celebrity website TMZ and People magazine all said, quoting anonymous sources.

    Bronx tale was one of the Best Movies ever made you should watch it if you have not….

    Bronx Tale was a great movie made by De Niro and it depicted a hateful bunch of gangsta italian adolescents who wanted to be in the mafia and work for the “Boss” it’s a hood classic and many people loved the movie needless to say in this Hollywood tale in real life Love did not work for De Niro & Hightower  it did not work out…


    Related imageShort Bio about Robert De Niro 

    Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. is an American actor, producer, and director. His body of work includes numerous films that are considered to be among the greatest and most influential worldwide,

  • Kat Willliams goes in hard on Tiffany Haddish Comedy on air Live

    Wanda from V103, sat down with Katt Williams about Tiffany Haddish and her style of comedy stating when has Being Ghetto ever been marketable?
    Girls Trip did well but Katt Williams was not having it he claims the script was changed and he doesn’t think Tiffany deserves to be promoted the way she is because she is not funny he is entitled to him opinion.


    Tiffany Haddish has movie coming out with Tyler Perry and Melissa McCarthy coming soon she is working hard so Kevin Hart did not care for Katt Williams hating on Ms Haddish Publicly on the Radio show.


    Related image

    Kevin said while Katt Wiliams wants to sow seeds of doubt and down talk he wants to enlighten and bring up and encourage others not put negativity out about his sister..

    V-103 Interview goes South…

    She called him Lil Mama😅He told Wanda she had $12 worth of jewelry on and got to the sitgo right  now this was funny as hell!😂

    Katt Williams was mad because of how Wanda said about him first then when he gave it back to her she got upset the tension was awkward then once Katt got down clowning her for her broccoli cooking she asked him about going to Jail!

    Image result for katt williams transparent

    Tell us Your Thoughts is he wrong for having his own opinion ?

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