• Is it Real or Not Alaskan Bush Accused of Fake Storytelling

    Is Reality Show    Not So Real? All The Accusations That ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are Fake…

    Not too long ago the Brown family had some locals say they stayed at a hotel and did not live outside as they depict on the TV Show” Alaskan Bush People” the show has his children and his wife living outside in tents for a time as they build a cabin from scratch.

    We later find out that Billy was a writer and pitched the book a few times but back then he did not get one interested publisher. The family is said to live in a hotel and they shoot in the set of land called Brown Town that they did not build allegedly.

    The show has so much to laugh about from them not being able to use tech and also the women who they meet would run for the hills once they saw t they lived outside the business that Billy Brown tried to start seaboat  ferry hauling small business but with no money when it takes money to make money so it was a disaster waiting to happen that boat sunk on an episode shortly after == when Billy Brown was accused of fraud many people felt they fell for the bait and switch and stopped watching Discovery Channels “Alaskan Bush People” so your probably wondering what the Alaskan bush people net worth?

    Noah Brown the brains of the family


    With the success of “Alaskan Bush People,” the family has earned enough. According to InTouch Weekly, the Brown family’s Net Worth is $60 million wherein Billy earns $500,000 while the kids are worth $40,000 to $60,000 each.


    Alaskan Bush People

    Brown-town is a Movie Set Not where they Live

    The land is leased and not owned by Billy Brown reported from Radar online and other news outlets have reported. The cabin was built by locals so its a game of show and tell.

    Billy and His Family are not From Alaska…A few years ago he and his sons were accused of fraud and Billy went to jail all is well now – people locally claim that the show is a hoax and this is nothing more than a portrayal of Billys attempts to become a writer when that did not work out the autobiographical book was sold to Discovery.


    Love Affair Between Bam- Bam  Brown  and Show Producer Allison Kegan i found it quite strange that a women of her caliber would date a actor/reality star on the same show but guess stranger things have happened.

  • Khloe Kardashian Tried to Blame Jordan Woods on her Break up and Got Dragged Online ..

    I don’t care for the Kardashians personally Tristan’s baby’s mother Jordan Craig who was left all alone …just had a baby with the  Cav’s NBA star  and he and his baby mother were not together.

    Allegedly..Jordan Woods Tristan’s ex was not in a serious relationship  this is what we were fed from the Kardashian’s but many people believe that due to Khloe wealth and prestige its said that Tristan has infidelity issues he was not married to any of the women and so far has treated this exactly the same because Khloe has it in her head she want a tall dark and handsome black man maybe she should not look for a man that is her dream man instead of a man she could love.

    Lonnie Love the other girl Tristen cheated with
    Lonnie Love the other girl Tristen cheated with  early 2018

    Dating Jordan Craig doesn’t get it confused with Jordan Woods. We should not care about Khloe situation because how you got him is how you lose the man. It is sad to see it is okay for another woman to come and take your man this time it did not work.

    According to reports Tristan has been staying with Jordan Craig when he wants to he doesn’t seem to change his lifestyle for even the likes of Khloe Kardashian.


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    Khloe keeps dating a type of Black man she cannot seem to hold down she was married to one basketball player Lamar Odom Khloe did  to have child with  Odom after the scandal they divorced soon after he almost died in a Brothel in Las Vegas when maybe she,should open herself up for love, not an ideal.

    We cannot plan the type of man we marry and love for some it is easier to have a side piece not a husband there is nothing wrong with that not all people’s lives end up as they visioned as a child. Khloe seems to believe she was humiliated but she was once she started dating Tristan if he cant be good to his last baby mother the same ended up to be for Khloe he has more than one child and doesn’t seem to want Khloe enough to stop with the strippers and friends with benefits he has.

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    Khloe should wake up and realize she is dating the wrong type of men not because of skin color but who they are as men doesn’t reflect on her just try something different mama do not make the same mistake twice.Now if Khloe like the other rich women are okay with there men sleeping around then fine but doesn’t look like Tristan is playing the game with the Kardashians he doesn’t seem to be phased till he is booed off in basketball games Lebron James doesn’t seem to like the circus so he left Cleveland to the Lakers team.

    Khloe probably got mad it was a black woman and not a woman of the same color. Do you think Khloe would not take your man if she could?

    Jordan Woods is a friend of Kylie Jenner and she is not wrong its not her fault that this Older man came to her. Why should we be mad at Triston it worked out no one to blame.

    Jordan Woods makeup is now on sale on Kyliecosmetics.com I think it is stupid that if they were friends Kylie should remain friends with her if it was a real friend.

    Khloe Kardashian a Reality tv star mother and businesswomen was the sister we all ust to relate to now she looks a little different today she looks like she has Botox in her lips and a new Butt she is a lot older than Tristen

    Exploitation of Black Culture to become relevant Tiger said he took credit for Kylie Cosmetics she is now a Billionaire so the social media stunting did work for Kim and it will work for Kylie but we are not here to talk about Plastic ass Kylie who looks twice her age.
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    He is a young man Tristen Thompson is 26 years old and Khloe is pushing 40 years old not saying she can’t find love but stop looking for a black man look for a man.

    WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – AUGUST 29: Jordyn Woods (L) and Kylie Jenner attend the launch event of the activewear label SECNDNTURE by Jordyn Woods at a private residence on August 29, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. SECNDNTURE by Jordyn Woods will be available August 30th on secndnture.com. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SECNDNTURE)

    Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordan Slept with Tristan Thompson should we care about this as a Women its hard to understand the cheater  who he cheated with when Khloe just had his baby.but shouldn’t we care the same way for the last women and not Khloe sometimes money cannot buy love.

    While it is sad ..we believe that they broke up because they did not love each other and this is our two cents why would he cheat with her sister’s friend if he was committed to Khloe when he has never shown any type of commitment with her?

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    Jordon Wooda is caught in the crossfire she is a young beautiful woman and if Khloe cannot control her man she is just doing what she sees every other Kardashian doing take what you want!

    The reason I do not feel sorry for her is because she got her karma for what she did to get Tristan Thompson he had just had a baby with his other baby mother.

  • Alonfso Ribeiro Sues Forte Night for Copyright Infringement Carlton Dance 🤑🤑💲💲💰

    Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince of Bel Air ,Sues Forte Night for Copyright Infringement Carlton Dance.Alfonso Ribeiro is an American actor, director, dancer, and TV personality who has a net worth of $7 million dollars. Born in The Bronx, New York, in 1971, Alfonso Ribeiro started working in show business when he was eight years old.

    Image result for Alfonso ribeiro sues fortnite.

    It’s such a well known dance even this new generation knows the Carlton  dance thanks to ruruns and pop culture shows who kept it alive. Nowadays people are not playing around with large companies stealing content.

    Image result for carlton dance fortnite gif

    Ribeiro is a great dancer did you see him on dancing with the stars?


    Will Smith and Ribeiro were just on his Youtube channel as he did the bungee jump  on his Birthday with Jaden and Willow Smith ,unlike Aunt Vivian aka Janice ,  he has not speaking against Will Smith the way she has as a child he was in a MJ commercial and he has been a staple in the Hollywood for quite some time.

    Image result for Alfonso ribeiro sues fortnite.

    Alfonso,  has already filed court documents to sue the famous game of the year Fortnite.Suing fortenite could mean millions for Ribeiro we do not blame him being  the company has amassed a lot of wealth get your copyright’s on all your intellectual property and then sue!


    The carlton dance cost ? it can be $1.99 each time a person wants to use the dance skin on the game and there are millions of users so the dance  is called Ice walker. Many people love the game and its hit an all time high and popularity with Twitch and Youtube Gamers.


    Cardi B is suing a Blogger catch our News Update @ 8PM to learn more!

  • Pete Davidson Troubling Post “I Really Don’t Want to Be On this Earth Anymore”

    Radiotubetv has learned that the Pete Davidson post about Mental Health triggered a response from Ariana and she came rushing to his home this all played out today on social media



     pete davidson
    Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Davidson has also appeared on the MTV shows Guy Code, Wild ‘n Out, and Failosophy

    Here’s Ariana’s Post

    I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. I know u have everyone u need and that’s not me, but i’m here too.


    NYPD has reported a influx of calls about Petes safety concerned fans who have called the cops.

    Image result for pete davidson


    Pete made these texts on the way in to SNL rehearsal on his  way to work so some believe the morbid comments were based on his past comments about commiting suicide.

    Pete Davidson Ex Girlfriend Cazzie David
    Pete Davidson Ex Girlfriend Cazzie David

    Cazzie David is also a hot chick he dated so this is not the first time .Pete’s Twitter has been deleted so maybe he will start fresh again if someone does make a statement like this and you believe it call the suicide hotline here


    Related image

    She then apologized for her “dumb joke” she made online about Kanye and Drake’s issues , there beef  has went passed its expiration date  since the rumors of the allegedly drake slept with Kim Kardashian West!

    Kanye has made public statements about Drake + more on his longest rant in history at his concert including Jay Z not calling him dude is sensitive and needs to go take several seats.

    Well that is not the only thing making him mad about Drake we assume. Kanye of course went off !

    Related image

    I guess went psycho as he has in the past on many and Ariana commented back ” I really did not mean any harm.. All i want everyone to be healthy and happy…. so desperately. please. My God.”



    MGK even came out to support his boy Pete along with other friends who wanted to ensure Pete was not going to commit suicide. Here’s what MGK said :


    “I’m in the plane now on the way to see Pete,” Machine Gun Kelly, Davidson’s co-star in the upcoming film Big Time Adolescencetweeted. “Gonna make sure he’s good, I promise. Can’t have my boy in the darkness like that.”

    Of course she has now deleted her tweets she had made about Kanye but the question remains was this a real relationship ?

    If it was a media stunt …I don’t think Pete’s post is fake, i think its real he has had good and bad attention because he dated Ariana Grande she dumped him and now he is on the rocks posting he will take his life i hope Pete doesn’t go kill himself poor dude is getting drug through the mud.

  • Robert De Niro and Wife Grace Split After 20 years!

    The couple who met at a restaurant in 1997 in London has now split. De Niro have two children together  Grace their( son)  Elliott 20, and daughter Grace age 6.

    Related image
    Robert De Niro children

    According to several credible media outlets Grace Hightower and Actor Robert De Niro known for his talent  starring in films like The Godfather Part ll,  Casino, Goodfellas and numerous Box office hits.

    Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower at Showtime's world premiere of The Fourth Estate at Tribeca Film Festival Screening 2018
    Robert de niro wife Grace Hightower

    De Niro is a private man there is much rumor or gossip surrounding his personal life so we respect his wishes to keep out of the spotlight.

    The pair have been living separately for some time, The Hollywood Reporter, celebrity website TMZ and People magazine all said, quoting anonymous sources.

    Bronx tale was one of the Best Movies ever made you should watch it if you have not….

    Bronx Tale was a great movie made by De Niro and it depicted a hateful bunch of gangsta italian adolescents who wanted to be in the mafia and work for the “Boss” it’s a hood classic and many people loved the movie needless to say in this Hollywood tale in real life Love did not work for De Niro & Hightower  it did not work out…


    Related imageShort Bio about Robert De Niro 

    Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. is an American actor, producer, and director. His body of work includes numerous films that are considered to be among the greatest and most influential worldwide,

  • Kim Porter Diddy’s Ex Found Unresponsive Dead at 47 years old

    Diddy’s Ex  Found Unresponsive Dead at 47 years old .On November 15,2018  Kim Porter was found unresponsive in her home  .

    Kim Porter  born  1971 ,   raised  in Columbus, Georgia. … After her graduation from Columbus High School in 1988, she moved to Atlanta to pursue a bigger dream.

    She was in a relationship with singer Al B. Sure! and in 1991, they had a son Quincy Brown who was named after Al B. Sure’s mentor, musician Quincy Jones.

    It has been reported by TV one she died because of pneumonia and went into cardiac arrest. It is sad because we have been digging and he is devastated over her death.

    Image result for Kim porter al b sure

    it saddens us to say she was found unresponsive on November 15, 2018 . Kim was married to back in the day  AL B. Sure the late 90’s equivalent to The Weekend with his dance hits and good looks.

    Al B Sure son Quincy looks just like him- sad to see she is gone at such a young age. Star like Missy Elliot showed their care for her little ones and her eldest to have some strength.

    Kim, appeared in several tv shows she was also model and decided to divorce combs because of his lifestyle and irreconcilable differences to be the best mother she could for her children instead of staying and dealing with the bachelor life most men and women in power indulge into.

    Our hearts go out to her friends and family ,who now have to attend a funeral from our research there was no public knowledge of her suffering from a disease but often that is not public information.




    Related image


    Kim Porter who had a career in modeling has children with Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs who has made millions from music movies and alcohol has not made a public statement surrounding his wife at this time.



    Related image

    Kim Porter leaves her children  QuincyChristian Casey CombsJessie James CombsD’Lila Star Combs

    The coroner is preparing for autopsy to seek the cause of death of Kim Porter we didn’t really know much about her but we are sure that her family is hurting from their lost of their mother.

  • Deray Davis Exposes Women Taking Advantage of HIM at 11 years old😯😲😳

    As a man there is no age that it isn’t cool to have sexual relations with an older women.

    The interview on Vlad TV went viral and it was a great topic, no one is talking about sure we love the gossip here and there and like to see what happens next but this topic is something that happens no one is speaking on today till now!


    BEVERLY HILLS, CA – SEPTEMBER 10: DeRay Davis (C) attends Netflix Presents Russell Simmons ‘Def Comdey Jam 25’ Special Event at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on September 10, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/ WireImage)

    Deray Davis,  said he was only 11 years of age, when the women speaking on his mother’s skills as a parent also wanted to sleep with him!

    He also said the women were not that attractive … Hey @Deray, not everyone is blessed with good looks!

    It seems a little young and it kinda makes you want to tell your young children that no matter women or man they should not be forced to have sexual relations or lured to in any way shape or form.



  • Teyana Taylor Slays performance on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

    After the big fall out with Jeremiah our sista Teyana Taylor is winning not only did she get her accolades with this performance from the audience but this videos has went viral!

    “Gonna Love Me”/”Rose In Harlem” Medley On ‘Fallon’ [Video]

    Teyana Taylor’s latest album K.T.S.E she has a great sound and she sounds and looked great!

  • Nicki Minaj Exposes Cardi .B on Queen Radio (Nicki and Cardi B Fight)

    -So Queen radio had a new show and i can say it was fun to listen to.


    Nicki Minaj, was on the show talking with Tekashi 69 via airport she did promote him and say he was a good dude the streets love him and this show is everything .. some people are messing with Nicki ‘s show Queen Radio and we are one of them!


    Cardi B claims Nicki talked about Kulture her new baby why would she care about her parenting skills is what she said and she claims that Cardi B. has built her career on Payola Nicki  Minaj, is  tell en the truth but what record is not plugged from the Record Label to  radio stations playing over and over sometimes,  for us it makes us not like the song and when we hear it we turn it off.

    Cardi and Rah Ali were the ones who were scrappen not Nicki
    Ear to the streets Show @ 9pm Thursdays

    I just wonder why this is okay for Cardi B. to go around playing the victim

    Also a women on social media came forward on air &said  Cardi B. told a story about cardi sending a message stating her baby died because she didnt take care of it and it was a monkey not sure who the women was but why would someone say a child was a monkey and come to find out her  baby was  deseased we cant make this shit up so take a step into the bad side with Nicki just clack the Emoji to watch  more at the end of this article.

    We are not sure of who this women was now all of sudden women are coming forward stating Cardi does not identify,  as African American but her daughter will be multicultural but seen as African american so we are unsure of the perception Cardi has put out there being she is mixed raced herself but some say it was said in anger not racist remarks..

    “Two weeks later after giving birth at fashion week  fighting  and then before she was at  Strip club , with her entourage fighting strippers!”

    -Nicki Minaj Queen Radio 



    We are not on either person side  just reporting the news join us tomorrow for more Trending News!




  • Tom Cruise’s  Scientology

    Tom Cruise and Scientology is well weird a lot of people have said he is strange not because of the religion but as a person he has people who have been around this church cult  who say the same.

    Image result for tom cruise
    His whole life is ruled by it even the cause of his divorce and separation from Katie and Suri is because of Scientology.

    Image result for ron hubbard

    Ron Hubbard

    Tom Cruise is sucessful but what in the world does he think will happen when his fame fades and he has no family around him he knows him and loves him ?
    This is why! it is a Cult to be completely transparent. Even though he is strange he has never had controversy

    Image result for tom cruise katie holmes wedding
    Tom is way to MI6 for that he looks amazing and still covets large roles in the movie business it is super strange to see that he allegedly has no contact with his daughter or maybe that’s just rumor.

    Image result for tom cruise mi6
    Tom is still looking quite attractive even if he is 50 years of age,now he has started his own church and people are looking at him as if he has fallen off his rocker.


    He has named his new Church after himself Cruiseology…spooky want to see what he is teaching take peak …

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