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  • Ayesha Curry Response to Getting DRAGGED for her Comments on Red table talk (Video)

    Ayesha, just wants outside validation and a lot of men in the real world like her and think she is pretty but if he and her break up it she will see the difference. Many women and men came for her and dragged her but fumble tv reported that steph allegedly cheated in the past so maybe she knows he is man but why blame it on the women?


    All that Glitters is Not Gold Being married to a NBA Superstar 

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    She seemed teary eyed about it and self dependent but many are saying she has a bigger ego than we may have thought but does it really matter she is taking care of her kids and a husband who seems to love her alot and he came to her defense, she claims she felt like punching people in the face the women do not seem to be happy sorry but all that is glitters is not gold.


    Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Person who Said she was an Attention Seeker

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    It is a vulnerable place but she should be honest have we heard anything about him with other women no so stop trying to drown him girl, love is love and sex is sex men can separate that ?

    “This is exactly what I mean,” she replied. “Speaking without examining the true context the true context for yourself. Don’t read the headlines. Watch the show. Everyone’s gone crazy and my husband and I are over here sober as a gopher because I know what I said.


    Don’t need it, don’t want it. Just an observation. Willingness to speak on your thoughts unashamedly is being secure. Not the other way around. That part. Goooood day.”

    Ayesha claims she wanted to clarify her statements bvut most feel she was jealous she seems unhappy and over looked this is the what i got out of it she also has anxiety and who could blame her she is married to a NBA star.
    Steph Curry tried to speak on it but no one wanted to hear it



  • French Montana Sued for Stealing Music

    French Montana has been accused of allegedly stealing music watch the broadcast to get the juicy details

  • Joe Budden and Cyn Santana Breakup

    Joe Budden and Cyn Santana LHHHNY will they get back together?


    Cyn Santana started out dating Erica Mena they broke up then it was Joe Budden its okay ladies sometimes we just can’t decide but at the end of the day she looked happy and so did Joe Budden but just the other day they unfollowed each other and we haven’t seen any movement so we can assume they are not together or is this just something they did to make us wonder?

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    Joe also has a son with Cyn Santana they also star on the show together Love and Hip Hop all was well but now we are left with the question is it over now? Seems like Joe and Cyn were unlucky in love and had a baby she was his fiancee but what happened to change their union?


    Is Cyn Santana not marriage material for Joe or is it the other way around? Well, they have denied the break-up but we have to wonder was it that they decided to unfollow each other to keep their relationship healthy?


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    Joe was spotted with an IG model weeks before reported by Hot New Hip Hop, we will give you full details of the allegations. Nowadays women found out as Tiny did with TI when he was seen on a video slapping a video vixens butt.



    Cyn Santana Said Black Men Cater to Latina Women

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    When I look at a Puerto Rican or a Dominican I believe they are mixed raced some are just as black Americans but things are changing and now that Cyn Santana has had a baby with Joe Budden, not Tahari she is getting wordy and this happened all on the podcast with Angela Yee.


    Before we get into my commentary and news report I wanted to inform you I live in Arizona and well women are not all black here our numbers are low here in Yuma growing up women were not liked as much as Mexican girls even all my uncles decided to marry and have children outside their races I came from a mixed family and my husband is mixed raced too Italian and black.

  • “Empire” May Be Cancelled Because of Jussie Smollett HOAX

    Empire actor/singer  Jussie Smollett was recently in court and now faces up to  50 years if found guilty  of 16 counts based on the alleged hoax he planned with the Nigerian brothers some say he took advantage of sad part is he lied to the police 16 times and used a letter he may have allegedly written to himself and sent to FOX Empire offices.

    Insider on the” Empire” staff claim the renewal of the show has not come in at this time Fox has not updated the show and it now hangs in the balance because of the HOAX involving a letter to Jussie Smollett and then the attack implicating Jussie as the main person to orchestrate the fake hate crime plot in Chicago in late January.

    According to the insider people are on edge and nervous because of the bad press and Jussie Smollett has not been officially fired from the show he will be written out of the show.

    Jussie Smollett  has been on the show from the start many people are outraged because it is fake hate crime and it targeted Trump supporters and  white ethnicity at the same time and there was a fake noose so it looks bad for Jussie, we will keep you updated on this story as we get more details one thing that has changed is how we consume music and also how artists create a buzz how do we know what is real and fake if their are hoax’s we do not know about?


    Black women charged with Hate Crime after saying she Hates White People .. and Assault 

  • Wendy’s Williams Staff Call for Replacement of “Wendy” After Nick Cannon has Made the Show Fun!

    Wendy Williams cancelled and rescheduled her comeback maybe she will write a book about her  cheating man her staff is upset that Williams, shared the details of her return with Nick Cannon and not her staff who have been with Wendy since the start ..Many others have their doubts, that there will be a big reveal to the public!

    This week was the boiling point imagine working for a person for over a decade tabloids come out their man is cheating they cover it up and then faint and take time off then the same time next year the same thing happens again except this time she is in a sling slurring at speech and belching the word on the street was after Wendy fell out her spouse allegedly said to get back out there .. .. Does Wendy Williams husband love her still or is she his sugar mama?

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  • Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Slam Rumor That Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Union is FAKE?

    New York Magazine, Cut  article went viral in this full page article written publicly the marriage is fake wtf?Problem is where is the smocing gun😂.. im sorry President Donald Trump  i had to do that …Where is the evidence it is fake ?

    Image result for Nick Jonas priyanka chopra marriage certificate

    According to Perezhilton.com😳 there is a source close to the the couple


    All he wanted was to get with her one night now he serving a life sentence that they did not meet via DM’s that Chopra’s team arranged the romance and she is said to be linked to Tom Hiddleston remember that weird ass relationship with him and Taylor Swift well it did not last because it was fake!

    Just so your aware we are not aware of it being fake but some people are not questioning Chopras motives stating she did it for a Green Card?

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner defend Nick Jonas marriage against fake rumours | Girlfriend
    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner defend Nick Jonas marriage against fake rumours | Girlfriend

    I am not sure😉 if this is true but the other people in their camp jumped on social media fast as Donald  Trump does and slammed them publicly Sophie Turner the game  of thrones actress and new star of  X Men has now come to Priyanka and Nick Jonas aid she answers the call like a Lady of Winterfell would she is a Stark!


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    Priyanka Chopra the Con artist ( allegedly) I don’t believe it for a moment it sounds like whoever saying this on social media must want what she has or have a personal conflict of interest but some say she is but she comes from Royalty and she has her own money.

    Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra posing for the camera: joe-jonas-sophie-turner-nick-jonas-priyanka-chopra


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    Quantico actress Chopra has been in very successful movies with top notch actors before she met Nick Jonas she was in India as a Bollywood actress so i am unsure  where these slanderous statements are coming from.


    via GIPHY


    Some question if the double wedding was just to appease to both countries requirements of conditions of the green card but if Nicks only brother and fiance Sophie  saids something I think it’s likely they are in love i mean just like Cardi B and offsets relationship maybe it started that way but they did move super fast but at the same time maybe there’s things we do not know.

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    Back to the juicy details well apparently Joe Jonas went to social media and now the article has  been remove and the Cut Magazine have apologized for it check our full length article on Priyanka and Nick’s Wedding in India.

    My thoughts are this why would anyone want to pretend to be in love and married for the public ?

  • Cardi B and Offset Broke Up

    Cardi b announced she is not with “Offset ” anymore is this a shock ?

    Personally we saw it before it happened there is just so much you can take plus she had tried as hard as she could at the end of the post she said “Yall won!

    Image result for offset

    Word on the street was he cheated with multiple women.. so maybe its better for her to move on to a new flame.

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    Many people think that the relationship was a business deal but Cardi did say it’s nobody’s fault .. we are got love for one another and decided to move on so guess we will have to see what happens.

    Image result for offset

    Bad part is we can’t control what happened with that man’s life he and like Cardi B was ride or die but it seemed like a lot was going on he is young and dumb with all these women running after him.


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    At the end of the day both of them work hard and got married really fast maybe he tried to marry her and do what was respectful but it did not last Baby culture is  months old.

    I’m glad Cardi b moved on but the internet doesn’t believe it alot of people think its a way to get more views and sales on his new music coming out soon.

  • Tokyo Toni Defends Daughter Blac Chyna’s Skin Whitening Cream Deal In Instagram Rant

    Radiotubetv Breaking News Blac Chyna is on her Hustle game and she is promoting a Nigerian skin cream called Whitenicious her mother Tokyo Toni ,is a mother hen and she is just protecting her daughter.


    We also added in some other footage from her IG page for your entertainment.

    Social media influencers have been reviewing this item but the issue is that some do not like it Blac chyna was going to marry rob kardashian but now has settled for endorsements her stripping days where over..

    Blac Chyna mother Shalana Hunter aka Tokyo Toni had words for Jess Hilarious + likely us for posting this video.

    Who is Tokyo Toni ?

    Black Twitter went crazy and now people are looking at Blac chyna side eyed this item is promoted from Nigeria where people take soap and bleach their skin not only there but in the USA please consult a dermatologist before applying to your skin.


    Tokyo toni is a adult entertainer and like Chyna she is very beautiful we are not a tabloid.

    Check the next video about the Creme Blac Chyna is promoting Let us know your thoughts?

    New sources for this content https://radiotubetv.com

    Trusted News source for Pop culture  News

    Who is Blac chyna ?




    Music credit “Generations ” by hooversound.com

  • Ariana and Pete Davidson were Doomed from the Start..

    Ariana Grande has definitely made Pete a household name before she got with him he was not on my radar and i did not know who he was just as you didnt know who we as a site were before this reading this post if this is your first visit of course.

    Image result for pete davidson age

    Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer and actress. She began her career in 2008 in the Broadway musical 13, before playing the role of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious and in the spinoff Sam & Cat.

    Some people say Ariana stole the dream from her old cast mate Victorious but hey its not her fault that she did her music when she was on fire on the show and now has been doing music ever since.

    The issue is Pete Davidson was not a long term deal in many peoples eyes so does it really matter?

    Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Davidson has also appeared on the MTV shows Guy Code, Wild ‘n Out, and Failosophy.

    Related image


    Ariana and Mac Miller were in love but it did not last. The music industry is likely the worst place to have a wife for a man. Ariana is young if you where wondering how old well she is 25 years old so she has a lot of time to find a man.


    Sources say Ariana broke  off the engagement WTF😬!


    Back to Petty Pete and Ariana i never saw them as a die hard couple like rob and black chyna too different to last…

    Single's Day

    Well soon as Mac Miller died his untimely death made Ariana vulnerable i do not think there was anything wrong with her tribute to a man she once loved but by the looks of Pete Davidson he didn’t feel secure enough to weather the storm.


    Ariana grande engaged and broken up at the same time ?


    Now after they broke up Ariana has been slapped with a SNL video of Pete making fun of their break up she went to social media and let him have it You go girl your thoughts on this relationship was a it real or fake or just for the publicity sorry these days you just never can tell…

  • Disgruntled Staffer Blames Meghan Markle’s Beauty Got Him 🔥🔥🔥🔥




    Okay I know, your probably thinking what does a women’s beauty have to do with getting fired just writing the headline of this article makes think is this man crazy like Kanye?

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    In my eyes, I’m  sure you’re  thinking the same thing he is just trying to cash in on the Duchess of well I forget though i love game of thrones I do not know of which province she rules over in a small way i like this girl she has made headlines before but this one is bananas!

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    Who does this kind of thing does this man have no shame sure talking to firends about why you gocked to long is fine and dandy but now people who see you will think wow will he sue me if things don’t work out and i fire him?



    According to PBS new hour yes i said PBS people they are doing big things these days they have a show called Victoria which is a great love story of Queen of England Victoria who was a beautiful girl men wanted to court like Meghan Markle now wife to Prince Harry and officially a royal princess,  she showed a change in direction of era in monarchy seeing her in public with her spouse enjoying regular like among the people.

    Related image

    Now here is the Juice, now Pbs is a great company they have done so much for different causes and education and local media development so hey they have standard the staffer on PBS, made some inappropriate comments about Meghan Markle’s looks and was fired because of it so no he did not live in the palace.

    The man worked for PBS and got fired due to his lewd comments allegedly so we will give you more on this story as we are updated.

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