• Wendy Williams Delays Show Comeback amidst Husbands Mistress and Pregnancy (Allegedly)



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  • Pete Davidson Dismissed Ariana Grande’s Visit at SNL Studios

    Now the tables have turned maybe things were not as they seemed we just heard that Ariana  Grande broke up with Pete Davidson so when she tried to come to his house after the suicidal  message he avoided her so maybe he doesn’t want to get back with her at all they were supposed to get married.


    We feel bad for Pete Davidson we hope he will be okay NY police department received influx of calls after Pete Davidsons post on Social media went viral in seconds fans concerned about him.


    Pete has not been trying to communicate a  source saids he  is definitely refused to see Ariana Grande giving her the cold shoulder, I  mean I know she had to ..she did have to grieve for her ex man Mac Miller which there is nothing wrong with her taking some time to grieve for someone she cared about

    Related image

    Breaking up with Pete publicly after a ring was kinda cold , and then running back to him  acting as if she is a friend is kinda corny it was not cool to say the least.


    Image result for pete davidson instagram


    We don’t blame him once someone lets go of a  person it’s pretty much over for Ariana she needs not to waste her time he doesn’t want to talk to her because she played him for a fool thinking she was going to marry him we aren’t clowning this is just what people think who does this  chick think she is maybe it would have been more genuine if she did it privately …right!

    Ariana Grande visit to MSNBC studios did not work out the way she wanted he made it clear he did not want to see her and turned her away.

    Strange thing .. she said to a fan she did not have Petes phone number did he change his number too wtf dude is cold with it but that what happens when you break up with someone when you about to get married  c’mon girl he doesn’t want to be around you either way now Pete is chilling with people who have been his friends hoping to get him back to his self we hope things work out.

    If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

  • Pete Davidson Troubling Post “I Really Don’t Want to Be On this Earth Anymore”

    Radiotubetv has learned that the Pete Davidson post about Mental Health triggered a response from Ariana and she came rushing to his home this all played out today on social media



     pete davidson
    Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Davidson has also appeared on the MTV shows Guy Code, Wild ‘n Out, and Failosophy

    Here’s Ariana’s Post

    I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. I know u have everyone u need and that’s not me, but i’m here too.


    NYPD has reported a influx of calls about Petes safety concerned fans who have called the cops.

    Image result for pete davidson


    Pete made these texts on the way in to SNL rehearsal on his  way to work so some believe the morbid comments were based on his past comments about commiting suicide.

    Pete Davidson Ex Girlfriend Cazzie David
    Pete Davidson Ex Girlfriend Cazzie David

    Cazzie David is also a hot chick he dated so this is not the first time .Pete’s Twitter has been deleted so maybe he will start fresh again if someone does make a statement like this and you believe it call the suicide hotline here


    Related image

    She then apologized for her “dumb joke” she made online about Kanye and Drake’s issues , there beef  has went passed its expiration date  since the rumors of the allegedly drake slept with Kim Kardashian West!

    Kanye has made public statements about Drake + more on his longest rant in history at his concert including Jay Z not calling him dude is sensitive and needs to go take several seats.

    Well that is not the only thing making him mad about Drake we assume. Kanye of course went off !

    Related image

    I guess went psycho as he has in the past on many and Ariana commented back ” I really did not mean any harm.. All i want everyone to be healthy and happy…. so desperately. please. My God.”



    MGK even came out to support his boy Pete along with other friends who wanted to ensure Pete was not going to commit suicide. Here’s what MGK said :


    “I’m in the plane now on the way to see Pete,” Machine Gun Kelly, Davidson’s co-star in the upcoming film Big Time Adolescencetweeted. “Gonna make sure he’s good, I promise. Can’t have my boy in the darkness like that.”

    Of course she has now deleted her tweets she had made about Kanye but the question remains was this a real relationship ?

    If it was a media stunt …I don’t think Pete’s post is fake, i think its real he has had good and bad attention because he dated Ariana Grande she dumped him and now he is on the rocks posting he will take his life i hope Pete doesn’t go kill himself poor dude is getting drug through the mud.

  • Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Slam Rumor That Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Union is FAKE?

    New York Magazine, Cut  article went viral in this full page article written publicly the marriage is fake wtf?Problem is where is the smocing gun😂.. im sorry President Donald Trump  i had to do that …Where is the evidence it is fake ?

    Image result for Nick Jonas priyanka chopra marriage certificate

    According to Perezhilton.com😳 there is a source close to the the couple


    All he wanted was to get with her one night now he serving a life sentence that they did not meet via DM’s that Chopra’s team arranged the romance and she is said to be linked to Tom Hiddleston remember that weird ass relationship with him and Taylor Swift well it did not last because it was fake!

    Just so your aware we are not aware of it being fake but some people are not questioning Chopras motives stating she did it for a Green Card?

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner defend Nick Jonas marriage against fake rumours | Girlfriend
    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner defend Nick Jonas marriage against fake rumours | Girlfriend

    I am not sure😉 if this is true but the other people in their camp jumped on social media fast as Donald  Trump does and slammed them publicly Sophie Turner the game  of thrones actress and new star of  X Men has now come to Priyanka and Nick Jonas aid she answers the call like a Lady of Winterfell would she is a Stark!


    Related image

    Priyanka Chopra the Con artist ( allegedly) I don’t believe it for a moment it sounds like whoever saying this on social media must want what she has or have a personal conflict of interest but some say she is but she comes from Royalty and she has her own money.

    Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra posing for the camera: joe-jonas-sophie-turner-nick-jonas-priyanka-chopra


    via GIPHY

    Quantico actress Chopra has been in very successful movies with top notch actors before she met Nick Jonas she was in India as a Bollywood actress so i am unsure  where these slanderous statements are coming from.


    via GIPHY


    Some question if the double wedding was just to appease to both countries requirements of conditions of the green card but if Nicks only brother and fiance Sophie  saids something I think it’s likely they are in love i mean just like Cardi B and offsets relationship maybe it started that way but they did move super fast but at the same time maybe there’s things we do not know.

    Related image

    Back to the juicy details well apparently Joe Jonas went to social media and now the article has  been remove and the Cut Magazine have apologized for it check our full length article on Priyanka and Nick’s Wedding in India.

    My thoughts are this why would anyone want to pretend to be in love and married for the public ?

  • Cardi B and Offset Broke Up

    Cardi b announced she is not with “Offset ” anymore is this a shock ?

    Personally we saw it before it happened there is just so much you can take plus she had tried as hard as she could at the end of the post she said “Yall won!

    Image result for offset

    Word on the street was he cheated with multiple women.. so maybe its better for her to move on to a new flame.

    Related image

    Many people think that the relationship was a business deal but Cardi did say it’s nobody’s fault .. we are got love for one another and decided to move on so guess we will have to see what happens.

    Image result for offset

    Bad part is we can’t control what happened with that man’s life he and like Cardi B was ride or die but it seemed like a lot was going on he is young and dumb with all these women running after him.


    Related image

    At the end of the day both of them work hard and got married really fast maybe he tried to marry her and do what was respectful but it did not last Baby culture is  months old.

    I’m glad Cardi b moved on but the internet doesn’t believe it alot of people think its a way to get more views and sales on his new music coming out soon.

  • Tokyo Toni Defends Daughter Blac Chyna’s Skin Whitening Cream Deal In Instagram Rant

    Radiotubetv Breaking News Blac Chyna is on her Hustle game and she is promoting a Nigerian skin cream called Whitenicious her mother Tokyo Toni ,is a mother hen and she is just protecting her daughter.


    We also added in some other footage from her IG page for your entertainment.

    Social media influencers have been reviewing this item but the issue is that some do not like it Blac chyna was going to marry rob kardashian but now has settled for endorsements her stripping days where over..

    Blac Chyna mother Shalana Hunter aka Tokyo Toni had words for Jess Hilarious + likely us for posting this video.

    Who is Tokyo Toni ?

    Black Twitter went crazy and now people are looking at Blac chyna side eyed this item is promoted from Nigeria where people take soap and bleach their skin not only there but in the USA please consult a dermatologist before applying to your skin.


    Tokyo toni is a adult entertainer and like Chyna she is very beautiful we are not a tabloid.

    Check the next video about the Creme Blac Chyna is promoting Let us know your thoughts?

    New sources for this content https://radiotubetv.com

    Trusted News source for Pop culture  News

    Who is Blac chyna ?




    Music credit “Generations ” by hooversound.com

  • Kat Willliams goes in hard on Tiffany Haddish Comedy on air Live

    Wanda from V103, sat down with Katt Williams about Tiffany Haddish and her style of comedy stating when has Being Ghetto ever been marketable?
    Girls Trip did well but Katt Williams was not having it he claims the script was changed and he doesn’t think Tiffany deserves to be promoted the way she is because she is not funny he is entitled to him opinion.


    Tiffany Haddish has movie coming out with Tyler Perry and Melissa McCarthy coming soon she is working hard so Kevin Hart did not care for Katt Williams hating on Ms Haddish Publicly on the Radio show.


    Related image

    Kevin said while Katt Wiliams wants to sow seeds of doubt and down talk he wants to enlighten and bring up and encourage others not put negativity out about his sister..

    V-103 Interview goes South…

    She called him Lil Mama😅He told Wanda she had $12 worth of jewelry on and got to the sitgo right  now this was funny as hell!😂

    Katt Williams was mad because of how Wanda said about him first then when he gave it back to her she got upset the tension was awkward then once Katt got down clowning her for her broccoli cooking she asked him about going to Jail!

    Image result for katt williams transparent

    Tell us Your Thoughts is he wrong for having his own opinion ?

  • Barbz Nicki Minaj Fans … Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?

    Word on the streets is .. Fans called child protective services on Cardi B she and a few other people got into it as well some people called CPS.

    Image result for cardi b baby

    I can’t read the tweets of Cardi B sorry🤣 … so i’ll post some it here


    Image result for barbz call cps on cardi b

    Word on the streets is .. Fans called child protective services on Cardi B she and a few other people got into it as well some people called CPS I can’t read it.

    Fan’s Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?


     cardi b baby
    Barbz Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?

    Barbs called Child Protective Services  and this Is a hot mess but she should not fighting all the time this is sad.. CPS  the agency has done nothing because it was a hoax – but this is crazy but she needs to not act that way publicly and doing it on the internet too this is too much!


    Image result for barbz call cps on cardi b


    Barbz fan goes back in forth with Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina…

    Related image
    Keyshia Cole a girl online goes in on Cardi b and goes back in forth with one person who does not like you sounds like low self confidence,I would not have time for that if I was making her kind of money or not.

    Related image
    Tell us your thoughts on this whole Cardi vs. Nicki Minaj situation should they beef or or call a peace on their problems?


    Fans on IG …Called Child Protective Services on Cardi B ?

    Related image

    Barbs called CPS and this Is a hot mess but she should not fighting all the time this is sad.No one has called CPS,this is crazy  Cardi B  needs to not act the way she does  publicly on social media she shares too much and does way to much.. doing it on the internet too this is too much!

    Nicki Minaj post online
    According to Dallasblack.com this is a private text of Nicki Minaj about Cardi B

    Barbz fan goes back in forth with Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina…

    Keyshia Cole a girl online not the singer 😂 goes in on Cardi b and goes back in forth with one person who does not like you sounds like low self confidence I would not have time for that if I was making her kind of money or not.
    Tell us your thoughts on this whole Cardi vs. Nicky Minaj situation should they beef or or call a peace on their problems?

  • David Schwimmer Look Alike Robs Stores

    David Schwimmer Proves He’s Not The Wanted Thief Who Looks Like Ross From ‘Friends’

    The case of who it really was has already been done and over with but the internet does not believe Blackpool England’s investigators in this crime.


    Image result for david schwimmer thief

    Actor David Schwimmer played Ross  Geller in 90’s sitcom Friends which is popular today my 13 year old watched it so I know it is still alive and kicking it was the next Seinfeld for younger generations and it was relatable when you move out of the house and go to college date and marry with the same circle of friends it also provided them roles in movies and tv commercial the only ones to survive where Jennifer Aniston and a few other cast mates appear at events in Hollywood but are not in the business of acting as much due to decline in interest.


    He has responded laughing stating it was Ross not him but the internet have seen the video and they are not buying it does he have a twin running around?


    Tell us what you think ?





  • Milk Parade Music Review

    In many ways music has changed but one thing that will …Never change is true talent.


    In Ireland we watch the shows and we know the beauty of the place of fantasy  for those that are American -that are reading this article is not just about a musician it’s about something we do not have in our music today and it’s “spirit “…

    Milk Parade

    One thing that caught our attention about MILK PARADE is his originality and his way with words that will hypnotize you!


    its something the men and women of Old had… when they sang songs in villages and lush green hills in Dublin, Ireland where they are well frozen in time when it comes to telling a story they did it quite well from what we see in history Ireland is a place that feels a lot different from other places because of the beautiful landscape green pastures it feels sublime to stare at even in a photo.

    Internet TV/Radio

    What most  people do not realize is that singing is from the spirit not just a voice.

    Milk Parade



    It’s a gift given from who you believe in for many it could be something different but the Power of his voice is Light Milk Parade AKA Keith Walker, maybe you should read on to know more about our featured Alternative  POP artist of the year!


    When you hear a man who knows how to sing as if his voice was his instrument and he can play drums and guitar it makes you wonder why more artists today are not learning other instruments besides their voice music true music cannot truly be made without a real song and most music we hear today is not real to us .. MIlk Parades music is real !




    Power of Dreams”  Stay “

    Years back we met Keith , aka(Milk Parade )at a session  producer as we sat down and listened to him sing.


    We knew immediately ,he was not the regular music artists we meet on a day-to-day basis.



    We heard  Keith’s music with  many other people whom were   on edge and stoked to hear “Stay” his past music with Power of Dreams.

    One recording session bystander, started to cry … saying it was the most beautiful song she heard in a while, when a person cries when you sing then you have something rare…



    We hear a lot of music ,so when you hear something new sexy cool  that makes you have goosebumps, we are connoisseur’s of  music


    We strive to discover musicians and share them with our readers and listeners take the time out and listen now!

    Milk Parade, has a gift of creating music as a songwriter with a new sound that is intoxicating exhilarating , his spellbinding lyrics his song ” The Light” melt every heart that hears it!

    (Milk Parade )Keith Walker songwriter/ producer and well-rounded musician. Alternative pop at its best!

    Milk Parade, produces  his own music and  he plays guitar sings from the heart he also is a skilled drummer and guitarist!

    Believe it or not brothers Craig and Keith formed the group “Power of Dreams” as teenagers in Dublin, Ireland years ago to see them now still passionately singing with soul that of the likes of U2 and in my opinion as great as the Rolling Stones!

    Power of Dreams Polydor records Present day  to the Past

    In the past Milk Parade   was a member of a Group Power of Dreams a Pop Band in Dublin Ireland and a member of Major Record Company Polydor  Records.

    Related image

    Most artist’s  today dream of this same dream and never make it to their top of their mountain just hearing the stories we heard years back, made us inspired to follow hours when at a modest coffee shop he explained his journey of finding his own sound and writing from the heart and soul he creates such unique music of love and inspiration and we  are honored to share this gift of real singing with you today!

    Internet TV/Radio

    We hope to sit down with  Milk Parade, in the future to hear more about his other projects which we have heard are just as epic as” The Light “which are exclusively playing now on Radiotubetv.


    We Stream, all genres of music Honestly, we are happy and honored in Milk Parade allowing us to showcase his story from Past to present he is a natural storyteller and we can’t wait to hear more!


    Related image

    Power of Dreams released their critically acclaimed debut EP “A Little Piece of God” on Keith Cullen’s London-based Setanta Records in 1989, while Craig Walker was still at school.

    Following a six-figure bidding war between rival record labels, the band signed a deal with Polydor Records.

    In December 1989, the British music magazine NME picked Power of Dreams, along with others such as Carter USM and The Charlatans, as their ‘stars of tomorrow’.


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