• Did Jaden Smith Finally Step Out the Closet Publicly

    Jaden Smith has stepped out the closet and guess who his man is well if you see the photo you already know.

    Jaden Smith is Jada Pinkett and Will Smith son their daughter has also been the talk of the town we have included some more entertainment and juicy topics in this broadcast so stay tuned and let us show you what’s poppin on Radiotubetv where you find news videos articles and trending new hot music and fashion!

    Signs Jaden was gay were obvious to some but maybe he is Pan sexual he has dated other girls but maybe that was a media stunt..

    Now the issue  is Jaden is out and some people are laughing asking if water is wet and  few other comments posted on social media.

    Watch Ear to the streets news plus other trending topics + new music videos from independent musician’s!

  • Kat Willliams goes in hard on Tiffany Haddish Comedy on air Live

    Wanda from V103, sat down with Katt Williams about Tiffany Haddish and her style of comedy stating when has Being Ghetto ever been marketable?
    Girls Trip did well but Katt Williams was not having it he claims the script was changed and he doesn’t think Tiffany deserves to be promoted the way she is because she is not funny he is entitled to him opinion.


    Tiffany Haddish has movie coming out with Tyler Perry and Melissa McCarthy coming soon she is working hard so Kevin Hart did not care for Katt Williams hating on Ms Haddish Publicly on the Radio show.


    Related image

    Kevin said while Katt Wiliams wants to sow seeds of doubt and down talk he wants to enlighten and bring up and encourage others not put negativity out about his sister..

    V-103 Interview goes South…

    She called him Lil Mama😅He told Wanda she had $12 worth of jewelry on and got to the sitgo right  now this was funny as hell!😂

    Katt Williams was mad because of how Wanda said about him first then when he gave it back to her she got upset the tension was awkward then once Katt got down clowning her for her broccoli cooking she asked him about going to Jail!

    Image result for katt williams transparent

    Tell us Your Thoughts is he wrong for having his own opinion ?

  • Disgruntled Staffer Blames Meghan Markle’s Beauty Got Him 🔥🔥🔥🔥




    Okay I know, your probably thinking what does a women’s beauty have to do with getting fired just writing the headline of this article makes think is this man crazy like Kanye?

    Related image

    In my eyes, I’m  sure you’re  thinking the same thing he is just trying to cash in on the Duchess of well I forget though i love game of thrones I do not know of which province she rules over in a small way i like this girl she has made headlines before but this one is bananas!

    Related image


    Who does this kind of thing does this man have no shame sure talking to firends about why you gocked to long is fine and dandy but now people who see you will think wow will he sue me if things don’t work out and i fire him?



    According to PBS new hour yes i said PBS people they are doing big things these days they have a show called Victoria which is a great love story of Queen of England Victoria who was a beautiful girl men wanted to court like Meghan Markle now wife to Prince Harry and officially a royal princess,  she showed a change in direction of era in monarchy seeing her in public with her spouse enjoying regular like among the people.

    Related image

    Now here is the Juice, now Pbs is a great company they have done so much for different causes and education and local media development so hey they have standard the staffer on PBS, made some inappropriate comments about Meghan Markle’s looks and was fired because of it so no he did not live in the palace.

    The man worked for PBS and got fired due to his lewd comments allegedly so we will give you more on this story as we are updated.

  • Katt Williams Arrested for .. Assault in Oregon

    Katt Williams Comedian/ actor , recently arrested   in Portland, Oregon he stands accused of beating up a man question is why ?

    Friday After Next
    Friday After Next is a Classic Urban Comedy

    Please read more on his controversial interview about Tiffany Haddish Katt Williams was vocal and unapologetic about Tiffany Haddish rise to fame Williams was a guest on a Radio show a few weeks ago and then come back to this article to see if it may have caused him to go nuts and beat up a man last year he was beat up by a man who put him in  a choke hold so now he is in the headlines again this time in Oregon!


    What went wrong with Katt Williams?

    Katt Williams

    We hope he can find peace and stop the shenanigans off stage it’s a shame he was nominated for an award and cant even keep it together publicly when Williams , made a statement about Tiffany Haddish some  fans and onlookers did not appreciate his statements.

    Pimp Chronicles is actually a pretty funny show build your collection

    Katt Williams , stands accused he still has to go to court if the charges aren’t dropped he beat up a driver we do not have any further details at this time listen to our radio station for more updates or Our Youtube channel to keep up with this story.


    Sponsored post by Starz Start Your Free 30 Day Trial 


    Let us know your thoughts on Katt Williams and this new story about yet another alleged assault is this the secret society going after him as the streets are saying or does he need HELP?

  • Actor Pooch Hall Arrested


    Pooch Hall has starred in BET  Sports Drama series  “The Game” and as of recent Ray Donovan he has been married for over a decade to the same women and he has never been in headlines at all now he has a big issue…

    He was arrested days ago for public intoxication child endangerment …

    Actor Pooch Hall from the Game has been arrested for allowing his two year old to drive the call while he steered the wheel!

    Now It is quite strange he felt that his toddler could drive him home 😂🤣🤣 the on the on lookers from their own vehicle called the cops as they seen the car seat swaying back in forth and a toddler having the time of his life sad to say Little Julian and Pooch Hall slammed against  Park car and the police arrested him moment’s later no one was hurt.

  • Border Patrol Agent: Serial-killer Admitted to Killing Several Women (Crime News)




    Texas –  A local  border patrol agent has been on a killing spree and you’ll never believe what happened at the end of it all.


    According to sources close to the suspect now the Congress is actually questioning this border patrol agent for his reasons for killing these women and I mean several women as he would detain the women and take them back to an undisclosed place- later killed them so this is a very troubling story that’s coming out of Texas today and our thoughts go out to the victims of the families affected.

    This image provided by the Webb County Sheriff’s Office shows Juan David Ortiz, a U.S. Border Patrol supervisor who was jailed Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, on a $2.5 million bond in Texas, accused in the killing of at least four women. Ortiz was nabbed early Saturday after a string of violence against female sex workers in Laredo, Texas, where he is a supervisor with the Border Patrol. (Webb County Sheriff’s Office via AP)



    According to CNN the Border Patrol agent was arrested Later identified as Juan Ortiz he was actually a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Texas near the Mexico Border .

    In our research into  this story and  understanding of what has happened he has been charged with for murder charges he was caught after the fifth victim got away authorities arrivedand he confessed  and one unlawful restraint with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon according to the Webb County  District Attorney’s office .

    Laredo Texas Border Patrol agent
    Agent is charged with Murder killing 4 women

    The victim’s  were lured shot in the head  execution style and where later to be found to be local prostitutes allegedly but in our eyes these were just women who were likely charmed and then their lives were taken for thinking the man was a good old Border patrol agent so we do not believe according to CNN all women were sex workers.

    if you ever felt more scared than you are today for these women To work in this street industry that seems to take advantage of their vulnerability and kills them after later thinking that they’re going to make some sort of money so again all human life matters no matter who you are hopefully the family’s can find peace at what was happened.


    Valeria “Monique” Alvarado, 32, who grew up in the area and lived in Southcrest, allegedly ran into a Border Patrol agent with her car and was fatally shot through the windshield about 1 p.m. Friday on Moss Street near Oaklawn Avenue, according to federal agents, Chula Vista police and broadcast reports


    Unfortunately this is a very sad sad story and the only good thing is that this man is off the streets tell me your thoughts today how do you feel about this Border  Patrol Agent-Killing Local women he was supposed to be a Public servant but he has become a Public Nightmare and a murderer.

  • Cosby Star Geoffrey Owens Shamed? Then Blessed?

    Many celebrities have taken to Twitter to defend Geoffrey Owens, who stared as Elvin on the famed African american eccentric  comedy,The Cosby Show.

    On The Cosby Show from 1985 to 1992, after …the man who is Sandra’s husband on the TV Series  Cosby Show was a funny actor who made me laugh my ass off to say the least being dragged for living a simple life and not trying to get back into acting?

    It is too bad the hard work of the actors has been tarnished by Bill Cosby the shows name sake.


    Well sad to say,at the beginning of his career he did well and after the Cosby show went off the air he moved forward any one knows a entertainer actor or a person who has been popular or not has to wait for the next gig to come before they can make more $$$ was Owen’s,supposed to just die because he did not work on TV course not life goes on and you have to have a job.



    The problem is did he consent to a photo ?

    I am confused as to why she felt it was okay to take a photo and shame this man for working a job.


    The man has aged he still looks good he has the same face and no he did not look unhappy so this whole shaming this man has turned into more than just a post its turned into a reality check!

    The good news is Tyler Perry offered him a job not anyone else and this is why the women who did this feels so bad ..


  • Madonna Tribute to Aretha Franklin was a Shame to Some Praise to Others

    Madonna  made donkey of the day for many reason some people may love it some hated it!

    NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 20: Madonna presents the award for Video of the Year onstage during the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for MTV)

    Aretha Franklin was a icon and a legend and a had real talent not a Karaoke sing a long that anyone can sing we are not talking Queen status with Madonna she is a POP singer.

    Aretha Franklin funeral recap

    “Madonna tribute to Aretha was more about her some say she is a high witch in the occult.

    I personally think Madonna was over rated she was a entertainer not a singer like Aretha look at the Real Tribute here 

    Madonna is old news!she is an icon but on Aretha Franklin, stay in your lane….

    Someone with real soul could have covered her like Diana Ross, or anyone but Madonna!


    Tired Tacky and stupid desperate grab for attention and some did not like it at all but this is MTV we are talking about not BET and i am a African american by the way.

    Taylor Dane Christina Aguilara would have been better but no they got Madonna who last kissed Drake and it made me cringe…

    They could have  had Adele … if they wanted a demographic that matches the VMA’s audience .

    Jennifer Hudson is the new one to keep the secular music business in check when it comes to real church soul watch the full real tributes that happened at the funeral of the Beloved Rose Aretha Franklin may she rest in peace.

  • Nikki Minaj Has a Breakdown Over Queen Record

    Nikki Is going crazy over her Queen record ? Not sure why she has been in the game for years made her 75 Million what more does she want ?

    Image result for chun li lyrics

    Now when Nikki first hit the scene she was a artist who was under the Label Cash Money she has millions now so why is she trip- pen now ?

    Nikki had her moment for a while thus far..Plus the remy ma thing well she got faded and took that “L” for that but the pop rapper just doesnt see she has lost the people and the record is not as bad as i thought it was going to be but still.


    Image result for cardi b


    We seen Chun Li its the same ol thing fast rapper talking about well cant remember oh it was pretty good if you like hearing her impressions and talking about herself nothing new to offer besides going at Cardi B she need to get her skills in check work on her craft make a record we can understand .. so here is the track via YouTube.

    Image result for cardi b

    Barbi Thingz was cute too  but it is just not enough she needs to come out with a song that shows  she has a story to tell she doesnt understand that we want more from her work harder on your lyrics girl the songs are good but too much for a person to absorb.


    Image result for nicki minaj queen

    Bitch Is King Kong with her Rings on … not bad..

    if she can get off her high horse and do music for the passion it may be better for her but this Cardi B thing, see women like Nikki are the jealous envious type dont let the hair weave and the ass fool you she did all this for attention fame and she got that she is talented but her music has not grown same thing can happen if you get the success Nikki has achieved but she is not Humble this is the problem.


    Ms. Minaj, has beaten a dead horse with her  speaking on another success, in my eyes NIKKI doesn’t know herself at this point she is pandering to any audience and nowadays that is career suicide if you do it incorrect now her album has a few hitters ” Hard White” and “Ganja Burn” is a good track but she cant sing just saying…

    Related image

  • Aretha Franklin Dead at Age 76


    Aretha Franklin, dead at 76 years of age.

    Remembering, the great talent of the soulful singer who inspired so many.

    Respect was her moniker and she has so much respect from many,people worldwide she transformed American Music and she deserves to be remembered because in a time of when African Americans were stigmatized and treated with disrespect, Aretha  demanded e respect  with her God given  voice of power command and  strength.

    Aretha died on  Thursday August  16, 2018  at age 76,  surrounded by friends and family with complication of pancreatic cancer.

    Her music is flying off the shelves in a city near you plus Aretha Franklin was a true Legend.

    As a girl I Loved to hear her sing with Power and confidence. Her star Spangled Banner was Epic and all singers should study her style to be inspired.

    Aretha Franklin recently re dubbed Rolling in the Deep and killed not taking away from Adele but Aretha will always be the Queen.

    Aretha Louise Franklin was an American singer and pianist. She began her career as a child singing gospel at New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where her father, C. L. Franklin, was minister.


    Read next on the final days of the Queen of Soul on our next post 

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