• OJ Simpson Prosecutor Darden to Represent Eric Holder Shooter of Nipsey Hussle

    Eric Holder 29, stands accused of killing rapper Nipsey Hussle new details have emerged in the case that moments before his death he shook hands with Holder.

    OJ Simpson’s high profile case was prosecuted by Marsha Clark and also Chris Darden who was there at the arraignment when the first charges of murder were pressed in the murder of Nipsey Hussle. who was shot five times in four times in the body and once to his head his own brother recounted his last moments as he was dying stating Nipsey was a beacon of light on Crenshaw sad to see another man die of gun violence when it appears he was not about that life that hates and envy  those that are blessed with not just money riches but spiritual riches.

    The man accused is being represented by Chris Darden who was involved in the case against OJ Simpson were he was  acquitted due to some leaks and mishandlings of the case and not enough evidence.

    During the arraignment Darden said “There is a issue of identity he tried to obtain the security camera footage floating around online for all eyes to see reporters in LA say that this may be what makes or breaks the case if your a legal analyst or lawyer please contact us for our radio stream to speak on this  topic.

    Prosecutor John McKinney argued that “identity won’t ultimately be an issue in this case” since the media has already obtained photos of Eric Holder, Hussle’s alleged killer.


    Darden entered a not guilty plea for his client and bobbed and weaved his way out of the court as the pondomium started as questions were being asked he was  MIA moments later.

  • New Tape Emerges in R. Kelly Sexual Abuse Scandal.. Tape #3

    A couple found a tape in their home and on the tape it is rumored to show a man allegedly to be R. Kelly with an underage girl question is how did they get this tape?

    It can be hard to convict him  if the victims story’s are the same another video has come up and on Saturday he was released with $160k in bail was set and another person made bail for him.The couple do not know R. Kelly and do not know how the tape came up in his home.This is the third tape coming up now and according to Avanatti ”I turned in two other tapes to Cook County prosecutors office” Avanetti ,  added” There is no way that is not R. Kelly in the tape”..

    Marriage certificates have come out with Aaliyah’s  age being fraudulently added to a private ceremony and the marriage was annulled Aaliyah mother has spoken they were never married after Vibes investigative reporting,

    Faith Rodgers claims he went through verbal and sexual abuse and she came on to CBS news to say she has been threatened by the singer to not come forward the 21 year old provided a threatening letter sent to Rodgers which is notarized letters, demanding ten men come forward about her sex life and he wanted dated medical records showing the date she acquired herpes she claims she contracted from Mr. Kelly at the age of 19.

    A mother of one of the said victims said she watched clips i cant watch a circus act. Dominique Cranmer’s mother claims he mentally and sexually abused her and was beaten and starved for days her daughter came back 99 lbs and she claims Kelly has spit in her daughters face and also treated her daughter as prisoner allegedly. Many are mixed on the singers innocence or guilt.

    Question is who are the people on the tape and if there is a connection to the tape prosecution will have to make that connection between the tape and the under age girl in the video.Attorney, Gloria Aldridge does not know if it is R Kelly so we will keep you updated as we get more details.

  • Leaving Never land Accusations

    Leaving Nederland HBO Documentary, is very explosive and it is a two hour presentations. Compelling content but it was about the voices of the accusers just the two people not legal experts people who did or didn’t believe their story. They swore under oath they did not get molested. Victims who kept quiet are not the type of testify on the stand he did not abuse them as children and after he has died a decade later now they say they were lying because they were children.

    Questions many have about Leaving Neverland and past accusations

    Why did they allow them to be alone with Michael Jackson at Never land Ranch at 7 and 9 years of age alone without parent supervision. We just hear from the victims only not like the documentary of Surviving R. Kelly and now that Michael died his music will be removed from radio stations based on the bad press on Michael Jackson and HBO is being sued for 100 million they never reached out for comment before creating the documentary.

    Estate and HBO disparagement clauses were written in to stop any libel or slanderous comments against Michael Jackson and his legacy of music, the Jackson’s are furious and have sought to sue HBO.


    Wade Robertson is a dancer and also has dated one of Jackson’s nieces. Steve Save chuck said their were bells that would go off if someone was coming in and you had to get dressed without making noise.

    If anyone found out his life would be over and your life would be over. We do not know if these allegations are true or not so we just want to put that out there we do not have any reason to say we know these statements are true or not.

    Some of the people are saying they will not support Michael Jackson Music either but Elvis married a 14 year old this was something Jon Murray brought to the table in a interview reaction of Leaving Never land the Jackson’s can’t address why he had a bedroom in many of the photos and also why the child was left in Michael’s care for over a year. We cannot assume this happened because we do not know people say it was fame that made this happen if it did happen at all.

    NYT”S Wesley Morris  a writer went on CBS in the morning, he also spoke about Leaving Neverland Accusations on the HBO series the man who speaks on it has many people concerned about the MJ Man in the mirror or in hiding ? We have heard that he settled out of court with the accusers why did he pay them was it to keep them quiet or just to silence their storys with a NDA agreement.Is it possible that if it is true that we have to separate the actions from the man and the music.

    Michael was alone with the kids for a sigificant amount of time. According James and Wade then men said that even as a child then knew that Michael knew it was wrong but we have to say Michael is not here to defend himself.

    Could it be possible that the boys admired Michael and now he is dead they want to sue because he is not here to defend himself.Michael Jackson is a famous artist who was started at a young age, we have to ask ourselves why is it that we cant understand that we worship musicians actors athletes and political figures were their sins are washed away with a letter of absolution in our minds not in reality.



    Michael Jackson’s nephew defends him and he claims he saw holes in it and lies he also knows Wade Robinson as a kid he claimed he knew, Wade and he didn’t want to believe it at all. He was the star witness and Wade was very young. The interview was on ITV with a good journalist told Jackson’s nephew that he cant say how a victim react’s when abused. He claims MJ was a child at heart.


    Michael Jackson was investigated twice and his estate earns a lot of money the children are his estate.There is a appeal going on right now Wade and James Savechuck are trying to sue the estate.

    Speaking to ITV News, Taj Jackson, claimed the two men who are making the allegations against his uncle are lying and are motivated by money. After seeing a clip from the Leaving Never land, Mr Jackson said he has already “seen a lot of lies” within the opening scenes.

    He said: “It’s painful because for me I see a lot of holes in that I already want to talk about.” Taj added it’s been “extremely hard” on Michael Jackson’s children especially because they have to go to school. “The truth is no one really gave our family the opportunity to speak out against this until it aired.”

    Oprah Winfrey has been dragged and Cancelled Out Corey Feldman claims he is changing his stance his estate is his children not his family.Why is it that people dont want to believe it was asked on E! daily pop people are not speaking on the Michael Jackson because of his stardom and his impression he has left on us today in terms of music in our lives at weddings graduations partys and dances at school it’s sad but did we forget that jokes about MJ were always out there and rumors of his night time sleep overs which people say he was a Man child and tried to take back his child hood as a man.

    African american’s and minority are concerned that Oprah have been putting down African Americans and running after the scandals that put African American men on the outs Your Media Channel had a concern that Gayle King or Oprah are disrespectful to black women on national TV  many people refuse to watch Oprah after the After Leaving Never land Show which was a talk show about the Leaving Never land Documentary. Bill Cosby convicted after decades and is sitting in Prison his awards taken away and his Star of Hollywood taken back is it fair for this to happen when American adult magazine owner Hue Hefner had a Brothel and a  magazine allegedly and has had a large massive property of a party style home for celebrity’s the Playboy Mansion.

    Oprah and Gayle have been said to promote white supremacy even though Oprah has made alot of movies in the past people believe both women are working with the same agenda to destroy black men what are your opinions of this subject.

    Seven claims were from one child so other count’s, are from three other kids its hard to talk about because we want to love what Michael gave us not the man he may have been behind closed doors.

    When Oprah Winfrey interviewed Wade Robertson who said he got a death threat last night she has been called a snake, garbage and people are not happy especially his fans.Michael Jackson nephew has been on tv and blogs interviewing him.


    Oprah also did admit she will get it for doing the Documentary. Oprah did a interview with Michael were the bed was shown in back of a theater built in Jackson’s home. Oprah believes Wade and James, because she cares about them and believes them she claims she wanted to help these men tell their story’s.

    Channels on YouTube have made videos about Oprah urging people to cancel and bann her shows

    Become a guest on our podcast talk show on Spotify Youtube Google Play
    what are your thoughts on Michael Jackson we need music fans to weigh in on this please leave us a message here or call at 6 pm to get on the Hangout!

  • R. Kelly’s Explosive Interview with Gayle King

    R.Kelly stands accused of 10 counts of sexual abuse and back in 2008 he was facing 21 counts of child pornography. It has been reported Robert Kelly asked for the interview with Gayle King CBS in the Morning.


    During our viewing of the Lifetime series surviving R. Kelly was a documentaries of pretty convincing testimonies of women saying they know he went to the high school McDonald’s were he had his assistants talk to the girls who were hanging out after school.

    The documentaries had a lot of story’s of women who claims to have been controlled mentally by the R&B singer Robert Kelly who said it was all lies as he screamed and yelled at Gayle King and also went crazy speaking fast and aggressive saying “Yall Killing Me”!

    The singer claims he didn’t do it and he is not a monster and he is not this devil people paint him to be the interview went south when Gayle King said that he was playing the victim Kelly got up and went “coo coo for coco puffs” and the be honest the evidence in his face as he was not going to control were this interview went he screamed yelled and ranted at the camera its alarming his publicist allowed him to go on TV with CBS in the morning anchor Gayle King best friend to Oprah Winfrey.

    R.Kelly insisted he is innocent and then said the girls were sold to him… when he owes child support for his three children he has with Andrea Kelly $160,000.00 he is due in court to pay the full balance these days you can go to jail for unpaid child support.

    Jay-Z  Breaks Silence On R.Kelly Scandal!! | Throwback
    Source Jayz broke his silence on R. Kelly learn more on the podcast /radio station page 

    How could everyone be lying these women do not know each other ?Gayle asked why are all these people lying on you ?

    R. Kelly’s legal team must be fools to let him go at it alone on National TV and also he said he was Fighting for his Life and he also said he did not have a harem of women a dungeon or held anyone against their will the girls parents he is living with and having two relationships with believe the girls are brainwashed they both were dressed well and had hair that looked very well done they both are young and beautiful and may be have the time of their lives now but what happens when the Bread winner leaves the house ?


    These girls are not to blame and R. Kelly is innocent until proven guilty we have seen the photo images of him and a 14 year old girl in wood studio room he has he records in and a camera set up it is Robert Kelly allegedly.

  • Will Wendy Williams Address Hiatus Away From Show Upon Return?

    As reported by Radar online a source came forward to say she will not address her hiatus away from show she will come back and business will be as usual TV show host  Wendy Williams  has been out sick for more than 3 weeks.

    Wendy Show Staff are planning a big ‘Welcome back’ show where Wendy will address her health problems, but she isn’t going to be saying anything else,” said the insider. Wendy is expected to return  on March 4, 2019.

    More than 60 days after her health aka My man is cheating on me again… issues as reported by The Wendy Williams show she has had other pop culture hosts chefs and pod casters on the show and also Sherri Shepherd, Nick Cannon and Jerry O’ Connell did a wonderful job whereas a host we are not aware of who she was before the show refused to address the Jussie Smollett Hoax stating she Knows him and was quite rude with Micheal Yee Radio Personality on Sirius Satellite radio.

    Internet TV/Radio

    Williams took time off to deal with graves disease.. Then rumor started to come out even in the tabloids that she needs to “GET OUT” of the relationship her mother in law Pearl said she saw Wendy being thrown down the stairs but it seems no one has called the cops not even her staff how sad..

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    Long time fans of the show  also believe Wendy’s  empathy is Karma  because of how Wendy Williams speaks on other people when the chips are down for them so many believe it is Karma for what she has said on air and on TV for decades.


    So don’t expect to drink any tea let alone sip it with Wendy guess she wants to keep talking trash about everyone else but cant sit in the hot seat herself this was just after she said to Nick Cannon he had a OOPS BABY!

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    Sources inside the Wendy show say there was a Ultimatum  given to Wendy’s please watch us Now to See What Went Down.

  • Booze Binges & Suicide Threats: Inside Kristoff St. John’s Tragic Life Before Death

    Kristoff St Johns died on Feb. 3, 2019, according to his close friends and family the soap star was struggling with the loss of his son Julian who died in the care of a mental facility.

    According to St Johns his son was found with a bag over his head St Johns and his ex wife MIA   were suing the hospital in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Mental Health facility.


    Before St Johns death he was said to be lonely insolated and he made suicidal threats himself sad to see when the man was loved by his castmates and fans sources say he had some “Dark Habits”

    The soap star expressed his horror of finding out that his son died with a bag over his head in the care of the mental facility.

    The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John Is Engaged to Girlfriend Kseniya Mikhaleva
    Credit: Kristoff St. John/Instagram

    Kristoff St. Johns has been on the Young and the Restless for over a decade according to the Los Angeles Police department alleges that St Johns was on a binge of drinking and it went too far tragically.

  • Bill Cosby is Playing Doctor Cliff Huxtable behind BARS

    Bill Cosby has been pretending to be Theodore Huxtable in Prison according to a source the inmate Cosby has been spending his time in the Pinta by counseling inmates, of course, he is taking on the role of a mentor in jail.


    We would not say his diagnosis is to be used he is giving advice about health. Cosby net worth today is not what it was before he was convicted of three counts of sexual assault. Once upon a time, he was worth 400 Million now is net worth is dwindling now today $80 Million. Another ongoing civil case against Cosby accuses him of defamation. It was filed on the behalf of model and reality TV star Janice Dickinson, who testified in the just-completed criminal trial that Cosby drugged and assaulted her in 1982.

    SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — “Seth Meyers” Episode 1749 — Pictured: (l-r) Kenan Thompson as Bill Cosby during “Jail Cellmate” in Studio 8H on Saturday, October 13, 2018 — (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)


    Radar Online claims a source says Cosby has been reliving his past life playing Doctor Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show by attempting to diagnose and treat fellow inmates while in character.

    Cosby was sentenced to 10 years in jail for raping multiple women under the influence of drugs he put in the victims of alcoholic beverages.  According to Radar Online, the actor has not been visited by his wife Camille Cosby since he has been processed in the jail.


    He is accepting appointments from inmates to help diagnose anything from a cold to obesity,” they continued.

    “If he thinks they’re incurable, he refers them to the infirmary with a ‘preliminary diagnosis’.”

  • Liam Neeson Goes on Good Morning America to Say he is Not Racist

    Liam Neeson has said too much in his recent interview he said he was looking for random black men to beat up because his friend was raped. Now we do feel for the women who has since passed away. The actor did try to go on Good Morning America to clean up his comments he insisted he was not racist.

    🔴Liam Neeson 's Acting Career is Over Like Mel Gibson ..Racist Comments

    Remember what happened with Trayvon Martin was gunned down for walking in a alley and happened to look over a fence then George Zimmerman killed the young boy even today we caught wind of a viral  video of a policeman who was also white who beat a little girl at school three men on one little girl. -it is not okay for this to be said Liam Neeson has a lot of fans in all walks of life as a African american women i will not be watching his movies.

    liam neeson wife Natasha Richardson
    liam neeson wife Natasha Richardson

    Just months after the movie with Viola Davis and she felt that she was kissing a hunk i wonder what she thinks now? It is sad to say that even “Whoopi Goldberg “said he is not a racist which is a matter of her  opinion. So when the news of Liam Neeson came out it was sad its almost like some of the racist who try to hide it in their old age they tell the truth just like Quincy Jones did until his daughter came to clean up his words. Listen to our podcast below to hear more about what happened or watch our full videos plus other trending news topics of the week.

    Liam Neeson clarifies controversial revenge remarks: ‘I’m not a racist’ | GMA

    Cold Pres suit

    Liam Neeson has been in some great movies  to date so  it hurts us that he has said from his own mouth he wanted to Kill Black men he also said he talked to a priest and did some power walking and he believes that he doesn’t need more counseling what Liam Neeson did was racial profiling, but if he likes being that way what can we truly say?

    Good morning america interview

    He did say he racially profiled African american men 4-5 x’s then he caught himself he then said he grew up in the “Troubles” where people were killed because of religions in northern Ireland which i did not know was going on in the 60’s but the interviewer said he didn’t ask about height or weight.

    Liam Neeson did go onto Good Morning America and try to do some damage control but since then his new movie he is promoting did not want to do a red carpet event for the Premiere based on his racist statements he made he started a conversation about when he goes into his roles he goes into dark places now he has been taken from his success over his own mouth so what do you think about Liam Neeson’s comments is it over for him?

    Liam Neeson says his ‘horrible’ feelings shocked him 01:40 … America” to clarify his comments and deny that he was a racist, the damage was ..

  • Kristoff St. John’s Ex Mia Claims She’s Being Held Against Her Will After His Death

    Kristoff St. Johns, a soap opera actor has died his ex is saying she is being held against her will because of his death?

    Question is what does she have do with Kristoff St. Johns death?

    According to daily the actor was going through a lot before his untimely death Kris toff is an actor on the Young and the Restless he lost a child who went to a mental hospital for help and ended up putting a bag over his own head he committed suicide according to the mental facility he checked himself into voluntarily.

    Before St. Johns   died sources close to him say he seemed isolated and lonely

    St Johns was a heavy drinker and seemed depressed and lonely he has divorced Mia his ex-wife he had fathered a child who is now dead due to a known incident inside a facility he was seeking care for St Johns has a new wife somehow he still suffered without anyone really knowing he was at risk his autopsy is now being performed at this time and her ex-wife went to social media publicly citing concern the mental facility was at fault now she is being taken against her own will .. Being held against her will by whom ?

    “When Julian (their son) passed, he died of a broken heart,” Mia St. John told “Entertainment Tonight.” “These mental health issues are real. Kristoff suffered from bipolar, our son had schizophrenia and I just felt like it was so hard for people to pay attention.”

    Ex wife’s cryptic post on Social Media 

    Mia Instagram account stopped posting soon after this, up being the mental hospital Mia has some depression/anxiety we are unsure if she needed to be taken in when she lost a man she had a child with who died unexpectedly this may turn into a  big problem for her and her family to cope with.

    PASADENA, CA – FEBRUARY 21: Actor Kristoff St. John attends the 45th NAACP Awards Non-Televised Awards Ceremony at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 21, 2014 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP)

    Kristoff St Johns Cause of Death 

    The autopsy of soap actor Kristoff St Johns has been deferred according to the medical examiner toxicology report has not been completed the same thing happened with Kim Porter Puff Daddy’s ex-wife who died out of nowhere so young looking and healthy.


    According to  TMZ, the soap actor may have overdosed on alcohol after a friend came to St Johns home were he found St Johns unresponsive and dead on arrival as the paramedics arrived on the scene of 2300 of Morea way he died Sunday, January 27, 2019 he had remarried and his character will be seen until the last taping on the Young and the Restless.


    The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John Is Engaged to Girlfriend Kseniya Mikhaleva
    Credit: Kristoff St. John/Instagram

    Many people close to the star spoke out about him in a way you never see because your not alive to read it if you know someone who is having issues please try to get them help by offering a helping hand sometimes they just need people who care not that his family and wife did not but at times if that cannot be the path we need to seek help for them at times people think that they can handle it alone.


    In 2017, St. John, who has played Neil Winters on CBS’ The Young and the Restless since 1991, underwent psychiatric treatment after a reported scare regarding his mental health. According to TMZ, he threatened to kill himself with a gun and was placed under a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

  • Chris Brown Arrested in Paris on Suspicion of Rape (Scandal)

    Chris Brown the “Undecided “R&B Singer has been arrested in Paris on suspicion of rape. Chris Brown was in great spirits in LAX Studios as he got ready for his show in Paris days before he was arrested for suspicion of rape.

    Brown,has had a slew of legal issues and also other rape allegations last year a women also had filed suit against brown for rape. Breaking news just hours ago we were alerted by the Daily Beast and other reputable news outlets that the singer has been detained based on a direct reported incident that happened on Jan 16 and Jan 17th of 2019.

    The accusations come from a women who claimed she was allegedly sexually assaulted by,Chris Brown and his bodyguard.

    Two other men, identified by French media as Brown’s bodyguard and a friend, have also been arrested. Brown has not yet commented on the allegations. He previously received five years’ probation and a community-service order for assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna in his car in 2009.

    Read more on our blog as more details come in

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