• Jason Momoa : From Khal Droggo to Aquaman


    Jason Momoa is the man of the hour with the success of “Aqua man we have seen this movie and guess what its awesome!Before we seen him in action Batman VS Superman and the rest is history!

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    Jason Momoa was always in love with the Huxable girl from the famed Cosby show just cause Bill Cosby did wrong does mean the other actors are wrong …Lisa Benet seems she has a great actor of a husband and a beautiful family.

    Don’t you love the way his journey has come so far but today is a day we would love to talk about the man of the moment.

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    If your not familiar with his journey he was a side piece for a time on Johnson’s Family Vacation Solange Knowles was acting alongside him with Vanessa Williams Bow wow and Cedric the Entertainer then he did some other movies after but the role in the Game of Thrones showed he was more than a pretty face to and muscle bound body.



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    Aqua Man is a great movie Jason Momoa has come into his own this movie was everything because it remade the image of Aqua-man into areal man! The way they shaped the costumes were so lifelike it was a surreal expierence watching the movie it provides a feeling of peace when you see the beauty of the sea and the love of a mortal man and a half fish women who was Queen who had to leave her son to save him from being murdered so this is all i will say here you need to get out and watch it.

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    Johnny Deeps old young thing Amber Heard is Beautiful her hair looks and reminds you of the little mermaid she looks so good on screen with Jason Momoa and she also in her own right very much fit within the cast of characters.Amber is not with Johnny Depp she has moved on and her career has blossomed from her own hard work You go girl!

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    The vilian of the story makes you hate him as a game of thrones fan would each time he appears the movie is popular because of the passion and effort put into the film i applaud the writers actors and production team and the film makers this film is going to be the first film i purchase due to the vast movies made with Robert Downy Jr and the Avengers and the action movies made i will now create a collection and i would recommend you do the same.

    Salute to Jason Momoa for his gifts he has shared with us and more to come hopefully he is a marvel to watch on Aqua man we are happy to see him finally get the credit he deserves!


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    Ben Affleck this is what a super hero is sorry but the bad part is many cannot blame DC entirely for the whole movie so leave Jason out of it if anything he helped Ben affleck and so has Wonder Women’s presence in the movie too bad Christian Bale quit i would have loved to see Gale Gad dot with Christian Bale.

    Short bio sourced from Wikipedia

    Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is an American actor, writer, film producer, director and model. He is known for portraying Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, beginning with the 2016 superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and on in the 2017 ensemble Justice League and his 2018 solo film Aquaman which has been said to be as popular as Wonder Women amassing $900 Million.

  • Alonfso Ribeiro Sues Forte Night for Copyright Infringement Carlton Dance 🤑🤑💲💲💰

    Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince of Bel Air ,Sues Forte Night for Copyright Infringement Carlton Dance.Alfonso Ribeiro is an American actor, director, dancer, and TV personality who has a net worth of $7 million dollars. Born in The Bronx, New York, in 1971, Alfonso Ribeiro started working in show business when he was eight years old.

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    It’s such a well known dance even this new generation knows the Carlton  dance thanks to ruruns and pop culture shows who kept it alive. Nowadays people are not playing around with large companies stealing content.

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    Ribeiro is a great dancer did you see him on dancing with the stars?


    Will Smith and Ribeiro were just on his Youtube channel as he did the bungee jump  on his Birthday with Jaden and Willow Smith ,unlike Aunt Vivian aka Janice ,  he has not speaking against Will Smith the way she has as a child he was in a MJ commercial and he has been a staple in the Hollywood for quite some time.

    Image result for Alfonso ribeiro sues fortnite.

    Alfonso,  has already filed court documents to sue the famous game of the year Fortnite.Suing fortenite could mean millions for Ribeiro we do not blame him being  the company has amassed a lot of wealth get your copyright’s on all your intellectual property and then sue!


    The carlton dance cost ? it can be $1.99 each time a person wants to use the dance skin on the game and there are millions of users so the dance  is called Ice walker. Many people love the game and its hit an all time high and popularity with Twitch and Youtube Gamers.


    Cardi B is suing a Blogger catch our News Update @ 8PM to learn more!

  • Pete Davidson Dismissed Ariana Grande’s Visit at SNL Studios

    Now the tables have turned maybe things were not as they seemed we just heard that Ariana  Grande broke up with Pete Davidson so when she tried to come to his house after the suicidal  message he avoided her so maybe he doesn’t want to get back with her at all they were supposed to get married.


    We feel bad for Pete Davidson we hope he will be okay NY police department received influx of calls after Pete Davidsons post on Social media went viral in seconds fans concerned about him.


    Pete has not been trying to communicate a  source saids he  is definitely refused to see Ariana Grande giving her the cold shoulder, I  mean I know she had to ..she did have to grieve for her ex man Mac Miller which there is nothing wrong with her taking some time to grieve for someone she cared about

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    Breaking up with Pete publicly after a ring was kinda cold , and then running back to him  acting as if she is a friend is kinda corny it was not cool to say the least.


    Image result for pete davidson instagram


    We don’t blame him once someone lets go of a  person it’s pretty much over for Ariana she needs not to waste her time he doesn’t want to talk to her because she played him for a fool thinking she was going to marry him we aren’t clowning this is just what people think who does this  chick think she is maybe it would have been more genuine if she did it privately …right!

    Ariana Grande visit to MSNBC studios did not work out the way she wanted he made it clear he did not want to see her and turned her away.

    Strange thing .. she said to a fan she did not have Petes phone number did he change his number too wtf dude is cold with it but that what happens when you break up with someone when you about to get married  c’mon girl he doesn’t want to be around you either way now Pete is chilling with people who have been his friends hoping to get him back to his self we hope things work out.

    If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

  • Pete Davidson Troubling Post “I Really Don’t Want to Be On this Earth Anymore”

    Radiotubetv has learned that the Pete Davidson post about Mental Health triggered a response from Ariana and she came rushing to his home this all played out today on social media



     pete davidson
    Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Davidson has also appeared on the MTV shows Guy Code, Wild ‘n Out, and Failosophy

    Here’s Ariana’s Post

    I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. I know u have everyone u need and that’s not me, but i’m here too.


    NYPD has reported a influx of calls about Petes safety concerned fans who have called the cops.

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    Pete made these texts on the way in to SNL rehearsal on his  way to work so some believe the morbid comments were based on his past comments about commiting suicide.

    Pete Davidson Ex Girlfriend Cazzie David
    Pete Davidson Ex Girlfriend Cazzie David

    Cazzie David is also a hot chick he dated so this is not the first time .Pete’s Twitter has been deleted so maybe he will start fresh again if someone does make a statement like this and you believe it call the suicide hotline here


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    She then apologized for her “dumb joke” she made online about Kanye and Drake’s issues , there beef  has went passed its expiration date  since the rumors of the allegedly drake slept with Kim Kardashian West!

    Kanye has made public statements about Drake + more on his longest rant in history at his concert including Jay Z not calling him dude is sensitive and needs to go take several seats.

    Well that is not the only thing making him mad about Drake we assume. Kanye of course went off !

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    I guess went psycho as he has in the past on many and Ariana commented back ” I really did not mean any harm.. All i want everyone to be healthy and happy…. so desperately. please. My God.”



    MGK even came out to support his boy Pete along with other friends who wanted to ensure Pete was not going to commit suicide. Here’s what MGK said :


    “I’m in the plane now on the way to see Pete,” Machine Gun Kelly, Davidson’s co-star in the upcoming film Big Time Adolescencetweeted. “Gonna make sure he’s good, I promise. Can’t have my boy in the darkness like that.”

    Of course she has now deleted her tweets she had made about Kanye but the question remains was this a real relationship ?

    If it was a media stunt …I don’t think Pete’s post is fake, i think its real he has had good and bad attention because he dated Ariana Grande she dumped him and now he is on the rocks posting he will take his life i hope Pete doesn’t go kill himself poor dude is getting drug through the mud.

  • Michael Cohen prison sentencing a convicted offender

    Michael Cohen has been sentenced to 3 Years in Prison as of December 12, 2018. Michael Cohen the Ex Lawyer before Donald Trump was President of the United States of the America.

    Michael Cohen convicted Offender 

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    According to several news outlets like Fox News CNN Cohen lied to the special council which is a federal crime and due to this lying he has been sentenced to 3 years in jail.

    Michael Cohen is married to a woman since 1995 he also is practicing attorney we are unsure of the ways he can obtain it back if ever so we will do our best in our broadcast to cover this story.

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    If you cant watch it was discussing  discussed paying for the rights to Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal’s story and collusion with the Russians and everything else shady see  Cohen looks like a nice guy but he is a mafioso like man according to Stormy Daniels . Rumors circulate allegedly one of two women involved with President Donald Trump . Karen McDougal  attempted to sell her story to the same Enquirer Donald Trump’s owns. 


    Will Michael Cohen Lose his ability to practice law as a attorney ?

    Image result for michael cohen

    Well we are no lawyers but from our understanding of oath a lawyer takes it is going to be a yes Its all stormy Daniels fault because of the hush money being used from the campaign funds donors sent in along with Play bunny McDougal’s pay off the Fixer aka Michael Cohen was directed by the now President to allegedly make these payments and lie to anyone who asked is our presumption see the loyalty phrase  means more than people think.

    Image result for michael cohen

    According to the book of law a lawyer has to be honest sure his defendant can lie but a lawyer cannot obstruct justice so he will likely lose his ability to practice law but in jail he may be a asset and be able to consult his fellow inmates.

    Image result for michael cohenMichael Cohen Tape 

    The tape was a audio recording of Donald Trump and also Cohen discussing the hush money to be played by a former playmate its a big DEAL and if you would like to learn more watch our live broadcast today @6PM

    Trump made this Tweet because Cohen did cooperate but also held back crucial details that the special council already where aware of…

    President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that he “would strongly suggest” that anyone in need of a goodlawyer not “retain the legal ..🤥

  • Cardi B and Offset Broke Up

    Cardi b announced she is not with “Offset ” anymore is this a shock ?

    Personally we saw it before it happened there is just so much you can take plus she had tried as hard as she could at the end of the post she said “Yall won!

    Image result for offset

    Word on the street was he cheated with multiple women.. so maybe its better for her to move on to a new flame.

    Related image

    Many people think that the relationship was a business deal but Cardi did say it’s nobody’s fault .. we are got love for one another and decided to move on so guess we will have to see what happens.

    Image result for offset

    Bad part is we can’t control what happened with that man’s life he and like Cardi B was ride or die but it seemed like a lot was going on he is young and dumb with all these women running after him.


    Related image

    At the end of the day both of them work hard and got married really fast maybe he tried to marry her and do what was respectful but it did not last Baby culture is  months old.

    I’m glad Cardi b moved on but the internet doesn’t believe it alot of people think its a way to get more views and sales on his new music coming out soon.

  • Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Get Hitched

    Nick Jonas has married the beautiful Priyanka Chopra this weekend.

    Image result for nick jonas and priyanka

    According to our source they married twice not just once this weekend according to the our street team found Nick and Chopra  married in the United States and in India at a Palace and Nick dressed in his wifes cultural groom attire he seems so in love with her I had a feeling they  where going to work out too bad for his ex Olivia whom he was with and wrote a song for since she is in the past it’s time to talk about the women who bear his name.

    Image result for nick jonas and priyanka

    How old is Priyanka well we love her so much it doesn’t really matter to us she is a beautiful person but she is about 9 years older but she looks the same  age as Nick and he doesn’t care so why should we care!

    Often we judge a book by its cover and maybe they are happy in love and doesn’t matter cause guess what women he’s off the market taken!

    Image result for nick jonas and priyanka wedding

    Miss Independent …That’s why he loves her…

    Related image

    Guess what women she is no gold digger she is a famed Bollywood actress and she also comes from Royalty so no honey she is not trying to take his money plus she has been in repeat movies including the newest Baywatch movie reboot starring “The Rock Dwayne Johnson” and Zach Efron.


    Related image

    Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has been very close and they look so cute together look at them. Sophie  engaged to his brother from the group Jonas Bros which was Nick’s original claim to fame a lot of people try to bring up the age gap but age is not an issue for her she looks young and beautiful and we wish her and Nick Jonas the best!

    The reason for the double wedding was to respect bothe of their families religious beliefs and cultures.

    Image result for priyanka and sophie turner hanging out


    Plus they look so good together tell us your thoughts on this new Union!

  • Did Jaden Smith Finally Step Out the Closet Publicly

    Jaden Smith has stepped out the closet and guess who his man is well if you see the photo you already know.

    Jaden Smith is Jada Pinkett and Will Smith son their daughter has also been the talk of the town we have included some more entertainment and juicy topics in this broadcast so stay tuned and let us show you what’s poppin on Radiotubetv where you find news videos articles and trending new hot music and fashion!

    Signs Jaden was gay were obvious to some but maybe he is Pan sexual he has dated other girls but maybe that was a media stunt..

    Now the issue  is Jaden is out and some people are laughing asking if water is wet and  few other comments posted on social media.

    Watch Ear to the streets news plus other trending topics + new music videos from independent musician’s!

  • Shocking details About How Mac Miller was Found in his home…

    Mac Miller was found dead In his home but the bad part of how they found him was pretty sad it seemed like he was trying to plead his case to God in his last seconds before leaving this world.

    mac miller house
    Mac Miller’s Home swept Clean after he died

    it’s pretty sad so with that said when I report on this news I am just reporting what is public knowledge Mac Miller was found in the praying position as he died this is how they found him..

    According TMZ report law enforcement were under the impression he was dead for quite awhile before there arrival after 911 was called to Macs. San Fernando Valley home.

    Before he died he had a accident 

    Mac Miller abandoned totaled Mercedes Benz G wagon
    The Aftermath: Mac Miller’s abandoned totaled Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon after fleeing scene. The car knocked over a power pole in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Vall…

    Issue no one is talking about the party the night before..

    TMZ broke the story of Mac found dead by an apparent overdose 

    According to TMZ he was dead for hours before anyone found the body of him on his bed.


    The Last Days of mac miller Rolling Stone
    The Last Days of mac miller Rolling Stone

    Shocking details About How Mac Miller was Found in his home…

    This is according to TMZ of course but upon or research we found these three sources of credible news outlets plus what we heard on the streets was the drugs were laced with fentanyl/ cocaine.


    mac miller and mother Karen Meyers


    Think about it dude had all that money if he had a problem with drugs before that like MJ you have Yes people who just want to get paid they do not have the artist best interest at heart.


    His mother Karen Meyers,  is heartbroken and its sad she has to mourn her song gone at such a young age 26 is a young age to die when your just figuring who you are as a man or women.


    I do not think that the relationship with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson was real how you go from being married to making skits on tv and constantly talking about it all the time. The rapper’s cause of death is yet to be determined … according to his death certificate. The Coroner is awaiting toxicology results, which typically take 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Kim Porter Diddy’s Ex Found Unresponsive Dead at 47 years old

    Diddy’s Ex  Found Unresponsive Dead at 47 years old .On November 15,2018  Kim Porter was found unresponsive in her home  .

    Kim Porter  born  1971 ,   raised  in Columbus, Georgia. … After her graduation from Columbus High School in 1988, she moved to Atlanta to pursue a bigger dream.

    She was in a relationship with singer Al B. Sure! and in 1991, they had a son Quincy Brown who was named after Al B. Sure’s mentor, musician Quincy Jones.

    It has been reported by TV one she died because of pneumonia and went into cardiac arrest. It is sad because we have been digging and he is devastated over her death.

    Image result for Kim porter al b sure

    it saddens us to say she was found unresponsive on November 15, 2018 . Kim was married to back in the day  AL B. Sure the late 90’s equivalent to The Weekend with his dance hits and good looks.

    Al B Sure son Quincy looks just like him- sad to see she is gone at such a young age. Star like Missy Elliot showed their care for her little ones and her eldest to have some strength.

    Kim, appeared in several tv shows she was also model and decided to divorce combs because of his lifestyle and irreconcilable differences to be the best mother she could for her children instead of staying and dealing with the bachelor life most men and women in power indulge into.

    Our hearts go out to her friends and family ,who now have to attend a funeral from our research there was no public knowledge of her suffering from a disease but often that is not public information.




    Related image


    Kim Porter who had a career in modeling has children with Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs who has made millions from music movies and alcohol has not made a public statement surrounding his wife at this time.



    Related image

    Kim Porter leaves her children  QuincyChristian Casey CombsJessie James CombsD’Lila Star Combs

    The coroner is preparing for autopsy to seek the cause of death of Kim Porter we didn’t really know much about her but we are sure that her family is hurting from their lost of their mother.

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