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Cardi B Sister Strikes Again 😬

Nicki Minaj is a Drug Addict😬!!! (Allegedly)

Now i am all for laughs 😄sometimes i wonder if Hennessy thinks about what she is saying but let’s just say maybe this may be something she doesn’t want to get into but ….


Sometimes some people can’t keep their mouth’s…SHUT😂.

 Cardi B sister
Hennssey Carolina (L) Cardi B (R) guess Beef is when ICU

According to Mediatakeout.com Hennesy is not scared to say That Nicki is a Drug addict So this is not new news it is something Joe benjamin button of rap said about Nikki in his podcast named after himself..


Cardi B Sister Hennessy Carolina thinks she can speak on Nikki well lets see what happens on Queen Radio!

According to sources at the  Global Citizens , event Cardi  B performance was lackluster fans felt insulted and started going off on Cardi and her entourage.

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