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Cardi B & Offsets Side Chicks Why Does Cardi B ALLOW him to Cheat?

Cardi B like many celebrities have a blessed life with millions in her banking account and the under dog story she can tell makes her more interesting then the old musicians who we once loved and still do today. Cardi b a reality start to platinum rapper. Offset a member of the Migos group has publicly had extra marital relationships with Summer Bunny and Cuban doll has said she was not involved in the three way conversation.


The Atlantic artist had her teeth fixed and she raped about it and now she is on IG and also other socials stating her opinion doing what made her famous  she also had a Fashion nova line and has been on multiple tv spots so she is growing her brand and we are not mad at her but why let a man on the same playing field cheat when you could meet a new man who will appreciate you as a women it can be about money but the truth is the side chicks are a means to in end for rappers like Offset.



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