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Cardi B Goes Off On Dominican Reporter Spazzes Out on Camera

Cardi B Goes off on a reporter from ” La Gorda La Flaca”  Univision TV SHow and it  doesn’t end well she tried to get online and explain her dad and mother do not like to be on camera.


Mind you she is screaming with her daughter in the car ?

The issue is she wants the money but not the attention when it suits her she claims she doesn’t have security but she goes to the street and a man called her a Bitch

Cardi B has been under fire for her admission of guilt of drugging and robbing men to even till this day she is going to court left and right. The women came up to her as Cardi was getting out her car she felt the reporter was stalking her because she was exactly where she was headed with her mother and father and daughter she shares with rapper Offset.

The exchange was pretty crazy she felt she was been stalked down the street and she even went to say that they showed up because she was there and that what were they doing in Dykeman anyways?


The problem is the women complimented her and Cardi got pissed even her dad tried to stop her and she still pushed him off as well so was it about her dad or was it about her ?

Cardi also went on Instagram to explain her side tell us your thoughts on this has fame went to Cardi B’s head ?

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