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Cardi B Files Suit Against Unwine With Tasha K and Star Marie

IG post surfaces of CARDI B saying ; I would robb and drug men if they wanted to have sex...

#SurvivingCardiB hashtag has went viral because of Tasha K  the same famous Youtuber who is being sued by rapper CARDI B because she defamed cardi b character we are confused because she is has a song  she is rappen on where she saids with her own mouth” Fuck him that i get the money what does that mean ?

Allegedly she has herpes alleged she does drugs and Cardi has had it she now will sue TASHA K for slander.


Cardi B has filed paperwork to sue Tasha K.

Word on the streets is that  Cardi B Is tired of the bloggers and youtubers who slander her character and she is tired of it but let’s see what that means she is not a women of class for some and for some she is hood rich ,Cardi B  has made a name for herself.

Cardi has has platinum and gold albums and she is successful – many do not like her persona where she acts like she can say and act the way she wants and make it seem as if people of all walks of life will love her for it black women on youtube in some channels claim they do not like the way Cardi makes it seem as if people are picking on her but the video came out just days of filing her motion to sue STAR MARIE  and Tasha K for promoting this alleged herpes she does not have.



The song sounds like an 80’s rap song he keeps saying the same thing over and over at least Cardi B verse was better but BLUE FACE claims the room smelled like dead racoons.


OFFSET   her husband also was on social media threatening him to apologize this is a rumor that  he told a blogger and the blogger spilled the beans for more on this story see more here

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