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Boosie Badazz Using the Death of Take Off to Make $$$$ New Song Rocket Man ( Vlad TV Review)

Boosie Badazz Said he Didn’t Know Take-Off so why do the song about him then?


Boosie defends Zaya Wade comments during Mike Tyson interview

Boosie using Takeoff death to clout chase and make $$$$

Take off has passed, and of course,  there are people online using the topic to get rich some of the stories are all lies, we have made a few videos, not multiple content creators have to make a living so of course there’s the good and the bad in anything, the fact that a man who did not know the slain rapper would create music before his group members are pure CLOUT Chasing. Vlad TV had an interview with Boosie, and guess Vladimir thinks, it’s Boosie’s best work!

Chicago's Duke the Jeweler Robbed And Killed After Wearing $1 Million in Jewelry To Boosie Concert


Keep in mind he could be seen playing dice with the Migos a few weeks earlier many have speculated he was involved I have no evidence of this and truth be told we can all say that every rapper street dude and in between has alluded to the fact that Boosie has goons who will do anything to prove they are down with whatever even to take out another person which is crazy to become rich and famous only to live like you did before is not of my understanding.

Houston Police on Twitter: "Southwest officers are at a shooting scene 2100 Holly Hall. Adult male transported to the hospital with a ricochet wound. Shooter stayed at the scene. 202" /

Let us say this before we get started this is all rumors and commentary we also have searched for statements from Boosie check his demeanor in the Vlad TV interviews where Vlad actually said his song Rocket man was the best he has heard in a minute.

Who is Duke the Jeweler?

Duke, who went by the social handle Duke039, designed bespoke jewelry from his company MDS Ventures,  for famous rappers and entertainers. The pieces were almost always encrusted with diamonds, to his credit no item was identical which means he didn’t mass produce if you got it from Duke it was one of a kind.

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Boosie was hanging out with Duke the Jeweler before he died at a Dice game just like, Takeoff was hanging with Mobties.

Who was Duke The Jeweler? Takeoff fans see parallels in rapper's death

Duke the Jeweler Died in Houston was it a Set UP to Robb him for His Jewels?

Quality matters 🥶 with duke #cartier | By dukethejeweler | Facebook

Rocket Man song made as a Tribute for Take Off?

During the interview he was praised by Vlad when he said it was the best record he has made thus far and Boosie smiled i find it odd that you did this song for a man you hardly knew and then acted as if you could not attend the funeral his excuse was his uncle died and he was close to him and he could not attend. There are similarities in the death of Duke and Rapper Takeoff death who died on November 1, 2022 some say it was a set up like Duke the Jeweler.  Bothe Duke and Takeoff checked in with Mobties..

The common denominator is J Prince Jr.

Who is Houston Mob founder J Prince JR? | The US Sun

Mobties and J. Prince have been the protection for rappers question is who will truth them after these two men died months of one another?

🔥 Duke the jeweler footage : Chiraqology || [dd]

Here is what people are saying about the deaths of Takeoff & Duke the Jeweler ...

Duke's Jewelers celebrates 70 years in business

“They claim it was in Houston during a dice game? First Duke the Jeweler now Takeoff,” one Twitter user commented in light of Takeoff’s reported death.

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“It’s been less than three months since Duke The Jeweler was shot and killed in Houston. Now Takeoff,” another wrote.

Others have claimed they will be staying away from Houston in light of the killings.

3 Strikes against Boosie about Takeoff and Duke the Jeweler plus more…

  • So let me get this right you prefer to make a tribute song before the Migos , did and then you didn’t know him that well your closer to Offset?
  • Duke and Takeoff where both killed after a dice game; Duke was shot after winning $100K source (Sandra Rose)
  • Comment from Boosie himself ;

“[Duke] must have walked outside to the parking lot. We was in the garage. We heard the shots. Like they was far away in the parking lot. He must have went to his car or something, bro. Dude was going to make a piece for me too.”

Take- off and Duke the Jeweler where murdered in cold blood after going to Houston so please do not check in when your an out of towner and please do not go unprotected bring your security and also make sure you do not allow strangers around during your visits.

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