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Blac Chyna and Boyfriend Kid Buu Get into a Fight in Hawaii Cops Called…

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Blac Chyna and Boyfriend Kid Buu Get into a Fight in Hawaii Cops Called…


Blac Chyna had a Hawaii Holiday weekend with her new boo  Kid Buu it went south real fast of course after the paramedics and cops arrived at her hotel room because of a physical fight.The fight was between Chyna and her man Kid Buu according to TMZ. It seems like Chyna has a bad choice in men and guess she will not be happy less she picks a man who is not using her for fame and fortune.

According to the reports at around 5AM, Chyna and Kid Buu where in there room at the Ritz Carlton in Honolulu when they were arguing. Now i guess all is not well because he was accused of cheating on her. So In this argument somehow Chyna, scratched him and he pushed her against the wall. Then he choked the shit out of her isn’t that sad she needs to stop dating these men who beat on her if you hear or see domestic violence please call      . Apparently someone called the cops and paramedics arrived at the scene. According to reports Chyna was not hurt  and not taken to the hospital from the alleged altercation.

Kid Buu left the scene and later posted on social media using Spanish and said Don’t  fuck with me I’m a grown man! He also posted a homophobic slur. News just came in that Chyna went on vacation instead of being with Dream last week she was mad that Alexis Skye was at Robs house and said Alexis will never meet Dream … so hope things get better for her kinda sad she has to date these young boys who just want fame and prestige.


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