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Bill Cosby Wants Of Jail

After two whole weeks in Prison...

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Bill Cosby’s Legal team wants him out of jail but the issue is he is already been tried and found guilty of being a rapist and giving women date rape drugs its sad to see for his wife Camille but also is now an issue for his legal team who now say Mr Cosby was not given a fair trial.

Bill Cosby is now a registered sex offender
Bill Cosby is a shamed man once a hero now a sexual predator in the hearts in minds of the the whole USA and beyond he claims now he wants a new trial ???

So after two whole weeks his legal team want hs out of jail ASAP

According to the mirror.uk  Cosby wants his sentenced reduced and a NEW TRIAL!

BIll Cosby once a famed actor with the family orientated show the Cosby Show has fallen from grace and now  has to be a registered Sex offender and shamed man to say the least.

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