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Ayesha, just wants outside validation and a lot of men in the real world like her and think she is pretty but if he and her break up it she will see the difference. Many women and men came for her and dragged her but fumble tv reported that steph allegedly cheated in the past so maybe she knows he is man but why blame it on the women?

It is a vulnerable place but she should be honest have we heard anything about him with other women no so stop trying to drown him girl, love is love and sex is sex men can separate that ?

“This is exactly what I mean,” she replied. “Speaking without examining the true context the true context for yourself. Don’t read the headlines. Watch the show. Everyone’s gone crazy and my husband and I are over here sober as a gopher because I know what I said.

Don’t need it, don’t want it. Just an observation. Willingness to speak on your thoughts unashamedly is being secure. Not the other way around. That part. Goooood day.”

Ayesha claims she wanted to clarify her statements bvut most feel she was jealous she seems unhappy and overlooked this is the what i got out of it she also has anxiety and who could blame her she is married to a NBA star.Steph Curry tried to speak on it but no one wanted to hear it!

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