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Asian Man Shoots 6 Year Old with a Gun Released 2 days Later

Le-Nguyen is stands accused of shooting  a child Coby Daniel on Sunday June 6, 2021.

According to Michigan Township locals he was released just two days after the shooting took place, Ryan the shooter, was released on a $10,000 bond just after shooting a defenseless child.


Le-Nguyen had no reason to shoot anyone, there were nearly a dozen children playing outside the neighbor is said to be angry that the  child’s bike was in the yard 


Daniel Coby  6 years of age,  just wanted his bike and went to Mr. Le-Nguyen home to get his own bicycle he was shot for entering the yard multiple children were  playing outside, to be clear the child posed no threat and did not have a weapon at the time of the shooting took place.

The story is the 29 years old, neighbor heard a commotion and asked the children to come in the home and then started to shoot a round out his window not caring who he may harm .

Daniel had a bullet go through his arm , his father, Arnold Daniel, rushed him to the hospital.

It is strange to wrap your head around why anyone would want to just go inside and fire a live bullet coming from Le-Nguyen gun he knowingly shot out his window in a residential neighborhood.

After the news hit the streets, Le-Nguyen was released a public backlash landed him back into police custody due to low bond and the crime involving a child.



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