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Apryl Jones cheats on Lil fizz now what

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April Jones the baby mother of Omarion B2K has now made a name for herself of being a hoe ass b i t c h because on the last episode of Love & hip Hop reunions part 1 and 2 her and zell swag as well as treasurer got in a fight about how she’s been dealing with the break of Omarion and this episode she actually gets you a verbal argument with zell swag and zell swag said”” I’ll beat Lil fizz’s ass!


Lil fizz says why? The problem with this situation is a lot of finger-pointing first apryl Jones tried to spend doctor that Omarion is not a very nice person he acts like he’s better than everybody and then this matches her and says it when he left the group the years ago he never told anybody was going solo even though littlepage says all this he claims he wasn’t his brother so there’s a big backlash with you two number and April Jones’s baby mother of two children she recently actually gave custody of her but at the end of the day this so hardto judge her might have been sold the green but said that she would become famous because it seems like you stuck on the fact that bigger but at the end of the day loose woman then they are saying that she was a entertainer so I think that this plan make Omarion mad backfired.




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