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Andrew Tate Arrested for Human Traffic in Romania

Everything , Andrew Tate Said …Has been used Against him, Home Raided in Romania

Andrew Tate Banned From Instagram and Facebook for Misogynistic Content | Complex

Mr. Tate the most Googled man in the world, has been arrested for Human trafficking, in Romania at his residence.  Andrew  Tate did say he has three lives first the Matrix will Cancel you  then There will be false charges then unfortunately the end of that process will be him dead , according to Tate.  Andrew Tate has been cancelled on Instagram and other social media platforms that did not stop him, he has now partnered with Rumble, which is a uncensored platform no one was thinking about it till Tate announced his partnership Alex Jones has his show on there at this time and he has his own site called he uses to promote his news content.



Thunberg’s Tweets trolling Tate, may have led up to his arrest, the Pizza box as the smoking gun for the Romania authorities to raid and arrest Andrew and Tristen Tate and other suspects, question is was this a set up from Greta to take down Tate brothers many online think she was truth be told the powers that be have been watching Tate  for a while and when you speak against the establishment the powers that be not mentioned by name many like Alex Jones call the” they” the many who are cloaked in darkness and dangerous enough to put woke men and women behind bars cancel them and often random deaths that appear to be one thing and are not as they appear is the rumor.

Influencer ex-Big Brother gera revolta nas redes ao sugerir atacar mulher com facão na cabeça se fosse acusado de traição - Monet | Celebridades


Did Andrew fly too close to the sun and now he has been burned for it. Innocent till proven guilty is an American convivence of the law systems, in other countries its guilty till proven innocent. Tate has been playing mental chess ever since he was tired of playing chess against adults his father Emory Tate, was a world renown chess player, like most kids that adore their father as a child it was the only thing he wanted to do most, after getting bored with beating the breaks off of adult chess players he started kickboxing.

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Andrew Tate locked up for 30 days in Romanian detention centre after arrest - Irish Mirror Online

There are mixed reviews on Twitter and other socials speaking out about the arrest of Andrew Tate and Tristen Tate.  Andrew Tate, 36, who has portrayed himself as a self-help expert for men and was regularly photographed smoking cigars in front of fast cars and guns, has seen his profile rise after chats with far-right figures such as Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich.


Andrew Tate Claims "[The People] In Charge Of The Western World And The Matrix Genuinely Worship Satan" - Bounding Into Comics


Tate has a casino business, and he has been successful in Webcam businesses. It concerned me that he was on National TV because of the way he would be used in the end you cant go around speaking too much real or you will be taken down. Tate has been called devicessive and has been judged. he will be held in jail for 30 days. Tate, has access to his phone and internet access even though he is being held in jail.

Andrew Tate vs Gret thunberg

Greta Thunberg – Climate change activist goes at Andrew Tate

There was a women who claimed she was taken advantage of since May, Loverboy allegation was named according to Patrick Ben David Podcast it has been cited as a motive of alleged events that led up to the arrest of the Tate brothers at the Romania home. Is it the fact that this whole thing seems like there is a focused attempt to take Andrew Tate and his misogamy and his budding empire down.


Andrew Tate breaks silence after arrest with cryptic Matrix message - Mirror Online


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Did Tate speak too much about the Matrix many would say yes. I also had my concerns about his debut on National TV would cause the machine to come at him in a powerful way.


Why is this Happening to Andrew Tate and Tristen Tate?

The Andrew Tate Drama Is Why I Am Terrified of Social Media Influencers | by Shenbaga Lakshmi | An Injustice!


Andrew Tate has been dubbed King of Toxic Masculinity. Once Tate went back in forth with Thunberg on social media, sadly he was arrested by a Romanian organized crime unit, according to Romanian news sources Tate could be held in jail for 30 days he has four properties in Romania we would assume they are trying to find him guilty of the accusations of rape kidnapping and anything they can throw against the wall many believe he could be gone for a significant  amount of time up to 25 years in Romanian jail.

Andrew Tate blames media for YouTube becoming latest platform to ban him permanently | Marca

Greta Thunberg exchange then arrested who called the US Embassy and why did they act like they where investigating the Tate Brothers there has been reports he and his brother had a (a organized crime ring?

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