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Adam22 Exposed Uses His Wife to Make Money On Only Fans Asking Streamers to …

Everybody and their mama has been talking about Adam22 First of all Adam was the one who said he would never allow, Lena his wife to have sex with men but it’s okay for him to give himself and his wife to other women?Adam22 said on VladTV he would never allow his wife to get donkey fucked by another man yet he has done just that.

Jon Zherka Pressed Adam 22 about the new endeavors he claimed even for a Billion Dollars she would never allow his wife to do what Lena did and this is coming from a man who doesn’t appear to be married anytime soon. Zherka is a content creator who has made millions of dollars and no he is not a No Jumper member want to learn more about him catch out broadcast tonite in our new segment only on Rumble. 

Adam22 has found a woman who is like-minded and she loves sex as much as Adam, he even admitted he doesn’t want to slap balls against another man. Of course, the money is rolling in because of the promotion on which from my understanding you can watch for $5 and see a 30-minute video of another man’s wife having sex with an unmarried man who is a professional adult film star. Adam22 will do anything for the money even sell his wife a minimal amount keep in mind Lena and Adam are millionaires and No Jumper is a self-made business from Adam but he is so obsessed with porn he does a video with other women Lena has brought on their joint podcast Plug Talk under the No Jumper Brand. 


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  I watched the Adam22 and Lena Plug Talk and she went into detail about how Adam has a above-sized average according to Lena and the truth is I don’t want to know how big Adams’s membership is. Many people are stunned that Adam has done this but to be real I think Adam has no morals he doesn’t care about his family’s perception more than the money. Adam did say that people are dragging him into doing Adult film with his wife.


Warning content is for 18 years old and up viewer discretion advised Rated R 


Adin Ross and another streamer was asked to have sex with Lena the Plug on a Live Stream this is disgusting Adam also thinks no one will care they had sex with 200 women and promoting their Porn on YouTube and talking about it online 


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lenatheplug|TikTok Search

I personally have not watched the tape so I can’t tell you either i did know who Lena the Plug was because my husband loved to watch her videos on Porn Hub, when he leaves his page open. Lena said she likes to have a new sexual expierence. It is all about money you hear money over and over again I will give credit where it is do this is a business not a real marriage I wonder why this was a good move for them? 



No Jumper .. Married to The Porn Life Adam Just got married to longtime girlfriend Lena the Plug 


Adam22 has just been married to Lena right after the Adam16 drama Andrew Schultz  from Brilliant Idiots Podcast was direct and honest and I loved how he said brilliantly, said I Think he is Killing a Story with a story! 


This after a beautiful wedding in a castle the wedding video did make me blush because it was enchanting and it seemed so nice but then to have a adult tape right after kind of tarnishes this thing they call marriage, useless as if they should have never gotten married they do not respect their vows as you get married it supposed to mean you are faithful to one another.

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The man who starred with Lena in the video said that Adam22 likes watching it and goes and grabs the lotion later it was kind of crazy, he also went on to explain how Adam filmed the adult video with his own wife which was even more shocking and he said it was not the first time he was asked to have sex with another man’s wife while recording. Adam also has a show with his wife Lena the Plug and to be clear Adam wants everyone to know he does porn with his then-girlfriend for 7 years and he has had sex with his wife after they podcast weekly. 


Porn Star Lena The Plug said it took  4 days to recover from the Adult Tape she did with Jason Love 



Akademiks his own friend said he could not allow his wife to do Porn and we also have Andrew Tate talking about this on Tucker Carlson’s show on Twitter in his exclusive interview. Adam22 has even been on TMZ, so his platform is saved from the decline for now but many are not surprised he is willing to do anything to keep the optics on his Brand No Jumper. 

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Adam22 is really so desperate for views he had to sell his wife down the river instead of just offering his old hosts their own shows and control creatively he has now hit an all-time low. Adam22 has been famous for all the wrong reasons in the last few months. 


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