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Adam Levine Allegedly Gifted Instagram Model FRONT ROW TICKETS To Maroon 5 Concert

Adam Levine has been caught cheating on his Wife 

adam levine sumner pp

Adam Levine is known for his mentorship on the voice and his hit songs he performs like Sugar and also Moves like Jagger and also Animal and many more he is attractive talented and sexy for some reason or another men who are high value as Andrew Tate, would say they expect the wife to make them happy and also take care of the household cleaning and taking care of children and also understanding he may  want a side piece here and there..

adam levine

adam levine

She was manipulated into thinking she wasn’t breaking up a happy marriage,” our source added. Sumner told friends she hooked up with Adam during this trip.


I know, this is not how it is supposed to be- what did you think this was the Jonas brothers we are talking about of course not!

adam levine instagram model sumner stroh affair front row tickets maroon

As a women on the side understand this your not his main one and if you where do you think he would be sneaking around with you its sad to say but the truth is your just a stand in a warm body for him while he is touring, Levine, 43, has been married to model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo since 2014.

adam levine

adam levine offered Sumner and her friend and her mom tickets to his Texas concert

I say this with honesty because there are to many women who are falling for it to be honest most men pay for the sex they just don’t admit it to the public.

Adam Levin Animals" Starring his wife Bhatti

Adam Levin Animals” Starring his wife Bhatti

Most women or men who have these relationships with Celebs understand they are just someone they are attracted to not a replacement of course this time Levine, felt he was untouchable but of course sometimes having Clout outweighs the heart break for the women who felt she was breaking up a happy home why would he dismantle his family for a roadside strumpet now she is not ugly she just cannot be trusted first thing she did was go for the money when her heart was broken her fantasy was shattered.

Chrishell Stause Blasts Adam Levine's Statement Amid Cheating Rumors


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A social media  model  Sumner turned lover revealed, she was used up by the Maroon 5 singer while he was still married she was determined to sell her story to anyone with the highest dollar offered, the idea she had years of Adam Levine while still married makes you wonder will his marriage survive?

Adam Levine shows off chiseled chest on a shirtless stroll after a grueling workout in Maui | Daily Mail Online

I assume there was no NDA signed for this matter, it is sad to think that a women would go this far the singer has yet to comment on the public hit piece that the side chick has decided to run to TMZ or any news outlet who offers her $$$.


Meet Adam Levine's Alleged Mistress, Sumner Stroh - MrsShakuntla.Com

Watch our broadcast to learn why the IG Model wanted to spill the bedroom tea of her and the Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine

This is just his nature read below on his cheeky DM he made to yet another model on IG.

Adam Levine Accused Of 'Inappropriate' Messages By Instagram Model Alyson Rose – OutKick

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