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Actor Pooch Hall Arrested

Allowed his 2-Year old to Drive the Car While Drunk!

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Pooch Hall has starred in BET  Sports Drama series  “The Game” and as of recent Ray Donovan he has been married for over a decade to the same women and he has never been in headlines at all now he has a big issue…

He was arrested days ago for public intoxication child endangerment …

Actor Pooch Hall from the Game has been arrested for allowing his two year old to drive the call while he steered the wheel!

Now It is quite strange he felt that his toddler could drive him home 😂🤣🤣 the on the on lookers from their own vehicle called the cops as they seen the car seat swaying back in forth and a toddler having the time of his life sad to say Little Julian and Pooch Hall slammed against  Park car and the police arrested him moment’s later no one was hurt.


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