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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Review

Lifetimes 90 day Fiance is a tv series that follows men and women who come to america for love and marriage and it can be love or it could be hate at the end of the 90 days.

It seems like a mail order bride or groom situation I could be wrong it seems like a forced situation to me but again i could be wrong sure some of them do find love while others do not.


90 day fiance follows Cole and Larissa his wife to be is brazilian and cole lives with his mother he also seems to be making a lot of money he is a software engineer. Larissa was arrested for domestic violence against cole it was a hot mess — in many ways it did not seem to be a good idea for her to live in with his mother when he and her do not know each other well, she asked for money ,money, money.

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