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50 Cent Compliments Remy Ma and Papoose Loses It!

Papoose & Remy Ma and his response to 50 Cent compliments remy ma for losing weight.
Papoose and remy ma

He didn’t take it as a compliment and tagged Fifty’s baby mother and told her his boy is looking for a GF and he knows how to act!

Papoose seems like he is Super Insecure about Fifty complimenting his WIFE 

He must be in his feelings and insecure back and forth about a harmless comments.

Posts about fifty cent and his sexuality,Remy has remained silent  no response to the clown shit and now it makes it seem like fifty would want remy ma it would be a good photo but i like her  with Papoose.

Fifty also just complimented her not like there was a slide in her DM’s truth is fifty is a troll he be going all in with it but hey guess that’s just how he is.Papoose started with some good one but now he is losing steam last upload from fifty was about Papoose receding hairline. 
In the past year Remy & 50 took a ride and guess papoose was not there and did not like it.
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