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5 Deadly Sins of Music Promotion| How to Promote Your Music Online Part One

Spam is  an issue with improper promotion provides a artists the wrong kind of attention it is so bad so today we will share a few gems. The reason spam never works out is because 

it is the wrong kind of promotion we are not trying to say do nothing but  you need the right positioning. How do you do it right promote were people listen to music like Vevo create a image video and promote it to sites like us who want to hear your music.

 Another way  is to buy $20 worth of video advertising and target the right audience believe me its sounds simple but many musicians do not do it and they think if they share the hell out of their music and follow people and do not like or comment or engage people do not give  damn about you if you don’t care  about them its human nature to want to share but share in the right place. 

Self observed do you think that it’s all about you ? Music is supposed to be a personal thing if you have music that is all about your own life with words that do not speak to people how do you post only your music posts share and like this when they dont know anything but wow here they go again then  your unfollowed and blocked and it;s personal now they see all you do is post about yourself standing out also means being genuine you wonder how Taylor swift became famous because she shared songs she made that speak  to regular human experiences and feeling now i am not  fan and no people on our crew have liked or listened to Taylor Swift. 

  • Spam 
  • Self observed 
  • No message about your music 
  • No home radio station or dj who will promote you 
  • No business plan

Message is everything now not all your songs will be hits but you can live another day who cares your not Micheal Jackson or Axel Rose,  you are you  make your message clear for example Here’s a song I wrote to get through a break up explain what happened also make sure to use a visual use Fiver r to get it popping and promote with a message a story read the book about heros and make sure to understand it’s not often you run across a good visual art story make a visual album with illustrations for $100 a message is everything and your are the artist who is trying to gain awareness and believe it or not you need to shock and awe or your will get lost in the mix. 

Everyone needs a place to call home,if you do not make an effort to find strategic partnerships your music will die it’s true djs keep the music alive if and so do publicist’s, writers,pod caster’s and websites this is your network of partnerships they can be free too look for human based websites, a lot of musician’s want to go for breakfast clubs or their local disc jockey’s who are dying the old model is now internet based stations remember this of us today. 

Local radio is made for major music !

They do not care about you unless you get a record deal with their providers now we love local radio and national but is it fair to care about people who just want to keep you from making it on their airwaves ? 

Local radio loves money from the record labels watch how Payola works 
its is against FCC rules for a record label  to pay to play but what do you hear 24/7.

Kanye  said they lied but that was not true to us we know exactly what they do we are not made with the same clothe but we admire their hustle our radio station promotes free and do more for the musicians than we ask for in return we also do not deal with janky people its against or company policy.

Though Kanye was crazy for doing how he did but ….He was actually telling the truth. Try to get a radio station to play your music it will be harder than a camel to go through  a needle so dont try it your likely day dreaming so keep it one hundred with yourself go to your lane and this is internet radio podcasts of non major corporations like CBS clear channel there day is coming soon were no longer people watch  Phil De Franco  to watch news they also like watching you tube for video talk shows like Young Turks find a few shows in your related music genre and try to get on with them try small channels and large channels. 
The weekend Drake to name a few. Use  the same tools you have to your disposal to strike rich and  hit it big. You need the right tribe, a team of people who can promote your music professionally and build your name socially offline and online.

It’s not magic it’s execution you need to be a beast with your music and make more music a lot and gig and become revelent dont stop till your a Legend some artists are going into You tube as a web series or promoting on other networks live streaming in groups are also ways to get yourself our there but do it with permission do not spam remember these five deadly sins of music promotion abide in them and dont disobey our gift to you these are true sins of artists and you need not worry we got your back ! 

In closing 

You also need a place to store your music so why not send your music to Video Creators with less than 10K views they need a good artist to make them look good do this free and make sure to allow passive promotion with royalty to the stream you can be smart about your partnerships and get paid for your music playing online as well as exposing your music to a channel who striving to become a top creator all the creators has to have is consistent content we have a few people who are doing this now and it works. 

No business Plan means blowing in the wind….
Thanks for reading our blog we appreciate you tuning in visit to see free movies watch our buddy MJ Kappa 


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