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Cosby Star Geoffrey Owens Shamed? Then Blessed?

Many celebrities have taken to Twitter to defend Geoffrey Owens, who stared as Elvin on the famed African american eccentric  comedy,The Cosby Show.

On The Cosby Show from 1985 to 1992, after …the man who is Sandra’s husband on the TV Series  Cosby Show was a funny actor who made me laugh my ass off to say the least being dragged for living a simple life and not trying to get back into acting?

It is too bad the hard work of the actors has been tarnished by Bill Cosby the shows name sake.


Well sad to say,at the beginning of his career he did well and after the Cosby show went off the air he moved forward any one knows a entertainer actor or a person who has been popular or not has to wait for the next gig to come before they can make more $$$ was Owen’s,supposed to just die because he did not work on TV course not life goes on and you have to have a job.



The problem is did he consent to a photo ?

I am confused as to why she felt it was okay to take a photo and shame this man for working a job.


The man has aged he still looks good he has the same face and no he did not look unhappy so this whole shaming this man has turned into more than just a post its turned into a reality check!

The good news is Tyler Perry offered him a job not anyone else and this is why the women who did this feels so bad ..


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