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armie hammer cannibal
armie hammer cannibal
house of hammer docuseries


Armie Hammer Dark Secrets Exposed Infidelity’s, Cannibalism

The Downfall of Army Hammer

If you remember the Dashing man from the Long Ranger with Johnny Depp…

Please click off if you don’t know who Army Hammer is let me explain in summary highlighting his work with independent to major motion picture projects Lets talk about how it all began…

What did he do Armie Hammer?

A year and a half after actor Armie Hammer was first accused of sexual misconduct (and possible cannibalism.

Allegations begin

Armie Hammer's wife is 'shocked and sickened' by actor's 'kinks' | Daily Mail Online

armie hammer

January 12, 2021: An anonymous woman, @houseofeffie, appears on Instagram claiming to have been in a 4-year affair with Hammer in which she says he sent her violent messages and graphic about cannibalism, fantasy being raped and her wanting to drink her blood wine. She posted a collection of messages and screenshots she allegedly received from Hammer as well as texts allegedly from her other exes.


“Women approached me (armie hammer) with stories of their infidelity as we talked, overwhelmed with grief, for days and nights without sleep or food, some ending in the ER,” she wrote in one. Instagram stories.


What movie did Armie Hammer pull out of?

January 13, 2021: A day later, Hammer voluntarily leaves the J. Lo Shotgun Wedding set and is replaced by Josh Duhamel.

“I don’t respond to this bullshit, but in the face of malicious and misleading cyber attacks against me, I couldn’t in good conscience leave my kids for 4 months to film a movie. movies in the Dominican Republic,” he said. told Variety in a statement. “Lionsgate supported me in this area and I am grateful to them.”

January 14, 2021: App founder Courtney Vucekovich says she dated Hammer in 2020 from June to October, accusing the ‘Page Six’ actor of emotional abuse, sexual assault sex and put her in danger.

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“He did things with me that I wasn’t comfortable with. God knows why, he convinced me that those things were okay and he put me in dangerous situations where I didn’t.


I’m not doing well, where is he drinking a lot, and I didn’t drink that way and that scared me. I didn’t feel comfortable,” Vucekovich said. She does not confirm the authenticity of @houseofeffie’s posts, but their claims are similar.

A Comprehensive Timeline Of Events In The Armie Hammer DMs Scandal

January 15, 2021: More screenshots begin to circulate online – this time a screenshot from Hammer’s secondary Instagram account, including several photos and videos of women in captivity. (In a couple of now-remastered interviews from years ago to 2020, Hammer also shared his love of BDSM.) In a caption, Hammer complained about having to stay at home. back to the Cayman Islands because “my ex (for very good reason) my wife refused to come back to the US with my kids. He continued, “There’s some silver lining. It’s like having sex with Mrs. Cayman again while I was there.


What did Armie Hammer say? The leaked DMs, explained.

Hammer confirmed the account was his when forced to apologize to the real Miss Cayman and Miss Cayman

Armie Hammer's ex Jessica Ciencin Henriquez claims his 'cannibal sex texts' ARE real and warns fans about 'abusers' | The Sun

Armand Douglas Hammer is an American actor. A son of the businessman Michael Armand Hammer and a great-grandson of the oil tycoon Armand Hammer, he began his acting career with guest appearances in several television series.

Armie Hammer leaked messages are EXTREMELY DISTURBING

What is Armie Hammer known for?

The man from Uncle was not just a actor doing character acting this was his family history, Army is a handsome successful man why would he engage in such acts that would undue all his hard work your guess is as good as mine Ezra Miller also has been having a lot of  issues surface and is questionable. If you just watched death on the Nile with Army Hammer and Wonder Women Star Gal Gaddot its as if art is imitating life.

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Rebecca was a movie on Netflix for your information that has garner a lot of attention due to the bad press many people didn’t even notice the movie on Netflix or chose not to watch it!

By the time the allegations surfaced in early 2021, Hammer and Chambers were already separated. “It has been an incredible journey, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage,” they wrote on Instagram in July 2020.

Where is Armie Hammer now?

Hammer was spotted working in the Cayman Islands, as a travel agent and well he looked fine to us it is not like he murdered anyone and we do not know the truth of it yet could it just  been role play and the women are motivated by money and the power to make their stories believable it is almost as if he has become a man in horror film with stalking women who want to now reveal their kinky sexting and sexual arrangements with the superstar for personal and financial gain?


The Hammer Family House of Hammer

Armie Hammer's alleged victims tell their story in chilling trailer for 'House of Hammer'

Is Timothée Chalmette friends with Army Hammer?

Timothee Chalamet, Armie Hammer to reprise roles in Call Me By Your Name sequel | Dhaka Tribune
Timothée Chalmette and Army Hammer forged a close friendship during the making of their Oscar-winning romance drama “Call Me By Your Name,” which is why Time magazine tried to get a comment out of Chalmette regarding the rape allegation Hammer is facing.

Armie Hammer Has Been Recast In Yet Another Movie, And His Replacement Already Filmed The Reshoots | Cinemablend

What movie did Armie Hammer pull out of?

Armie was supposed to be the main actor in the series Offer a behind the scenes of the Mafia and movie making using real people to tell stories and make a shit ton of money The Godfather story which is a mafia staple no matter what walk of life your in, this movie was also the reason that Al Pacino introduced as the unwilling clean cut son  who didn’t want to be in the family business.

Many do not know Hammer had  also cast for the movie “Shotgun Wedding” alongside co star J.LO filming in the Dominican Republic, too bad we will not see them together on a romance movie of course you can always watch Death on the Nile or Rebecca.

Hammer pulled out on his own citing he was going thru allegations from the sidepieces he was entertaining using bondage and blood allegedly.

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Armie  claims this is Vicus online abuse against his character and ultimately his livelihood is suffering greatly and we only wonder if this is also a money grab or true accusations?

It was a very complicated, intense situation, with big personalities all locked in a little tiny place,” Hammer told British GQ last September.

“I don’t think I handled it very well. I think, to be quite frank, I came very close to completely losing my mind.”

He compared himself to a trapped wolf who wants to “chew his own foot off.”

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