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Youtube HQ Shooting :What’s Next for This Video Sharing Platforms ?

Youtube Shooter Posts Cryptic

Video Claiming Youtube Censored,Descriminated Againgst Her

The women who went to Youtube and Shot and Killed Three People and took her own life was a disgruntled user, her claim on the video was that Youtube censored and descrimnatted against her and now due to his belief and it may be at a good cause in the community there have been talks of those looking at numbers dwindled as the partner programed changed.
Nasim Agdham was identified as Tuesdays shooter. Nasim a passionate user posted videos about Youtube denoucing the company for allegedly stiffling her video views.
In a chilling video Nasmim claims the work out tutorial was posted and unfairly censored just because of her beliefs . She claims she contacted Youtube support team on several occasions and the age restriction and censorhsip on her video was not fair stating NIcky Minaj and Mily Cyrus videos are not censored while hers were.
Agnham was told her videos were not appropriate for and her clips need to have age restrictions based on the content it was censored each time she posted allegedly.
Susequently TMZ reported that she had a domestic dispute with her boyfriend –
Nasim Agnham shot three people at Youtube and later commied suicide and died something seems off in the story but we will update you as news comes in on this tragic turn of events question is … What will happen to channels who spoke out now that his horrific shooting has taken place ?


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