WTF: Orlando Brown Accusations of Will Smith Touching Him as a Child

(Video Inside )

Orlando Brown may be on some hard drugs or just crazy he claims he was touched by Will Smith when he was a kid what is really going on with this story but hey this is what he Claims happened.

Orlando claims he is just as messed up as Michael Jackson he was really going on a rant he claims that Will has abandoned his son Trent for years then he said your son and then he called Will Smith his father it was pretty off pudding he kept using theΒ  F-word and calling Will Smith a fag and called him gay several times people believe he needs a lot of help he also said last month Nick Cannon violated him as well.

The issue is there may be some truth in what he said but he is ultimately wrong about the person involved.

I am sure he did get abused from his manager’s parents and those who handled him its plausible the Hollywood life was hard on Brown and he has been going back and forth on gay accusations and even on Vlad TV Brown said Prince had it coming!

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