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We are in need of writers if you love pop culture and would like to contribute to our platform please provide a writing sample of a article of 250-500 words.

18 Celebrities Who Lost It All

All articles must be original in a news format fit for our audience here are the topics we would like your sample to be written in any other categories or topics that are not listed will not be accepted.  We do check for plagerism any offenders will be banned from writing with us if your article is found to violate the terms more than 3xs you will be banned

We do promote and advertise our website with paid promotion increasing your ability to make money from your blog post you write for us we also have a Youtube Dailymotion and social medias we need help with all writers will be paid per article or flat rate fee per month depending on your audience you prefer to write with we also offer a full training on seo content production best practices we also invite you to join as a affiliate to become a community member helping musicians and spreading the news in a unique way.

Our audience comes to read watch and listen to  trending updated news but are mission is to offer real news and commentary we are based in Phoenix Arizona and minority owned business.

Q: How much will  I  be paid per article written on Radiotubetv.com? 

We will pay $5 per article written via Pay pal every two weeks if the articles written have advertisements shown we will disburse ad revenue from our parntered sites based on a CPM of $1 per 1000 views. Payment depends on views of the content you create if there are low views the ad revenue will not be paid to you as a partner ad revenue is based on $100 threshold for all 3rd party partners.


We pay of Bi weekly please ensure to add your Pay pal if your account is approved with a sample article submission.

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If you would like to contribute and have not been chosen as a radiotubetv independent writer we often pay a flat fee for write ups for other long form content including


  • Videos including news based music reviews movie reviews plus we are looking for long form content we will pay a flat fee of $20 per video under 10 minutes please attend a webinar to learn more daily.


  • Podcasts – We are looking for new podcasts to add into our streaming radio player on our site and beyond if you would like to see your content promoted please upload to our partner and affiliate page become a radiotubetv guest host or podcast affiliate.

Direct Advertisements – Advertisements initiated on the domain level not a 3rd party partnership will be paid out monthly

Video Sponsorships– Video advertisements showing on your content will be a bonus of $10 per submission.

Affiliate advertisements may be included you may insert approved affiliate offers on your content you produce.

Get Paid to Comment and Watch  Youtube Videos 

We will own the content as long as you are a contributor of our platform feel free to reproduce the content with variation on your own social platforms we reserve the right to keep all content we paid.

What kind of content we are looking for

  • Music 
  • Trending News 
  • Pop Culture 
  • Viral Videos 
  • Local News 
  • MJ Writers welcomed 
  • Exclusive news storys ( must be storys that no other website blog or podcast has picked up must be direct source content)
Radiotubetv Writer Submission
Please add your sample article We will not use the content unless approved as a writer we are also looking for podcasters and DJS please see Become a Publisher /Become a radio Host page
Create a screen name or use your real name
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