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Vanessa Bryant’s Mother Is Sueing Her for $5 Million Dollars

Vanessa Bryant was living the fairy tale life before Kobe and her daughter were fatally killed in a plane crash the NBA All Star also had his and his daughters photos leaked by the police department who came to investigate the plane crash and they photos leaked online.

Vanessa also allowed her mother to live in a Newport Coast home FREE and now she has filed documents citing that Vanessa is now trying  to take back all that Kobe allegedly promised her when he was still living.

Vanessa Bryant and Kobe met it was love at first sight she was a girl who was a model as time went on they were in love and he proposed and Vanessa said Yes the children were raised by Vanessa and Kobe but grandma is now upset that Kobe told her he would take care of her for the rest of her years but now that Kobe is gone she already started her Markle Promo tour making it seem as if Vanessa abandoned her and she wants to tell the world we have never seen her before the death of Kobe so why now?

According  to TMZ  Sofia Laine has spoken out and said I Never wanted this to go public i do not enjoy airing out my families dirty laundry, she also claims that she thought the court would allow her to file her case without publicity.

Kobe Bryant's heartbroken mom too upset to talk after son's tragic death

Vanessa Bryant is a smart women she did inform us all her mother wanted her to pay $96 an hour to watch her own grandhchildren!


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