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Trump Million Maga March Chaos Is A Latter

Washington DC– Trump had a rally right as the Democrats took over the Senate this is not a concidance and there were people who broke into Capital Hill on January 6, 2020 it seemed like a movie many people watched BBC News outlets because CNN refused to air Trumps Million Maga March to Washington.

It’s a national embarrassment as Biden said because a grown man in his elderly years has done the unthinkable to some but it does not surprise everyone that Donald Trump would plan a rally to march on the Capital Hill and then make a exit left as the violence and the murders took place 4 people died because one man is trumping up violence brainwashing people to think that Election was a lie…


The Supreme court has had 46 requests to re look at several states but the appeal has fallen on deaf ears the President Trump  is the only one who has not left with grace this is kinda embarrassing as high paid as the FBI is paid how is it they could not lock up the people who were carrying out Terrioist acts by breaking in a goverment building.


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