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The Sharp One Punks Onlyfans PIMP on No Jumper( Reaction )

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The Sharp One goes at it with IG New Age Fake Pimp talking about the Digital Pivot and his Only fans hustle he sucks toes and thinks he is a pimp and he is farthest from it. Sharp is on No Jumper.

Fair Use for commentary reaction purposes watch Sharp on Church on Sunday on Youtube and IG he had no chill with Celina Powell and Blu Jasmine who are pretending to be worth more than they are presenting to the Public…

Hunter was also mad that Sharp wanted to talk to a women instead of his fraudulent game he is spinning he has no game and this is why Sharp an Alpha Male run over him…

This is mad funny Hunter also asked for the interview w/ Sharp who knows Magic Don Juan. No Jumper Adam22 has really out done himself i prefer him to VladTV

Video sourced from “No Jumper Podcast “I do not own this Content ***Fair Use****Commentary reaction purposes**

The Sharp One
Pimp Culture Soft White Underbelly

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