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The Breakfast Club Cringy Interview with Lil Boosie

Boosie Stands His Ground on LGBTQ Influence on Kids

Lil Boosie Breakfast Club Interview About Lil Nas X –

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 17: (L-R) Angela Yee, Charlamagne tha God, and DJ Envy accept the Best Pop Culture Podcast award for ‘The Breakfast Club’ onstage during the 2020 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards at iHeartRadio Theater on January 17, 2020 in Burbank, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Charlemagne , Angela Yee and DJ Envy please stop it! The problem is that he was a guest on their show, and lately there has been this over the top presentation from Charlemagne and Angela, and Envy.Ā 

CharlemagneĀ and the whole radio station look like fools for the InterviewĀ 

The rappers were brought up each time violence and thuggery but the problem is the rappers are not going to elementary school and possibly Junior High when these are minors and sex and rock in roll is cool but to blame violence on rappers movies and guns, but the video has the devil falling to earth and then he also twerks on the devil after he takes the devil out!Ā 



The reason thatĀ  Radio host’s should not cross examine guest’s on a Public platform.Ā 


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  • The fact that as a journalist maybe not for Radio StationsĀ  your personal opinion should not be involved because your supposed to remain impartial Angela Yee and Charlemagne were over the top with their views and seemed emotional and mad about Boosie when they already knows he is set in his ways.Ā 

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  • Pandering for views of course everyone knows they are already successful why not allow him to think what he thinks and let it go you can change a persons opinion.Ā 
  • Charlemagne bought Envy a cut out of his butt on air for his co worker, and it has been a topic of concern shouldĀ  Envy be offended yes he should if it were a women that is grounds of sexual harassment.

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The LGBTQ AgendaĀ  to go Main Stream and Radio TV and Print Media has been the go along get Along GangĀ 

A blackĀ  man came online at Boosie, claimed that he was gay and people tried to raise him straight and you still are what you are already. Many can see this is a get down or lay down thing for the alphabet community, we have the freedom to agree or disagree respectively.Ā 



The individual on social media said that gay men even the famine ones have to wake up every day knowing they areĀ  a contradiction. With all do respect no one cares about your sexual preference toĀ  be clear most of us know gay people and they can be either happy or sad but do we wear our sexual identities on our sleeves?

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