Still No Stimulus Check? Yet Here Is Why..

If you filed with Turbo Tax Taxslayer or Jackson Hewitt Online and youd did not get your Stimulus Check #2 here is why you did not get your check.

The may have sent your last check for the 1st Stimulus payment but now they randomly decided to put the funds in a holding account or a netspend prepaid card depending on the way you recieved your last payment is how you will get your next so they said…

Second stimulus check: Who won't be getting a $600 check? - CBS News

The IRS will not take calls about the Stimulus Payment and the website Get Your Payment Tool is working but some are getting the message not enough information were working on it or you may not be elgible..

Isn’t it strange if you didnt change your address or move why wouldnt it be sent into the account they sent your direct deposit to the last time???

You may be the millions who will need to claim the Tax rebate on your 2021 return it feels as if we been tricked into thinking we did not need to take any action and now the IRS is hiding their heads stating those that filed with a 3rd party service will need to wait till Jan 15.

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