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Spike Lee Goes Off on Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx and Quentino Torrentio “Stop With the Modern Day Minstrel Shows”

Spike Lee Known for Malcolm X and also She got to Have it and Do the Right Thing is a bonafide hater sure not everyone likes Tyler Perrys Ernest reboot from the 80’s but this is his lane his fans accept the content and he has made millions.Spike Lee has made a versus Tyler Perry and Jamie Fox so called minstrel movies he is upset these types of movies are still are revelent. Let us be real he didnt like Tyler Perry and he doesnt like Whoopi who does this man think he is lets be real his name was mookie soo its not like he was Hamilton or something but that was is the same comments that Foxx made back in “2019”.

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Spike Lee made the movie Chi rack but claims that Jaime Fox and Tyler Perry are selling their souls  Question is are Spikes movies better?—-Well thats a matter of a opinion

Leonardo Dicaprio

The problem with Spike Lee is he doesnt understand this is what some people like and some people may not like your movies or even Tyler Perrys but he keeps going online telling everyone he doesnt like the new minstrel shows out he even got upset about Torrentino doing the Django movie with Jamie Foxx it was pretty sad because it was okay to put himself in the movie and to be honest i never liked the movie it did have some good moments but it was just nice to see  a black man create something for his culture.


Spike Lee seems to only like his own movies and it feels kinda like he wants to create his movies with no issue so why does he need to keep speaking on this when he isnt making Malcom X movies lets be honest there is so much material he could have used but he let other people beat him to the punch the generation today only knows him for being kicked out of the Knicks games!



The problem is you can’t have it bothe ways you cant say its is wrong to create movies you finance or raise funds for and put hard work into your craft and someone who is not active in the scene talks about you putting you down and saying your not spreading the modern blackface and putting down black people by creating the content you create.


Jamie Foxx Calls Spike Lee’s “Django Unchained” Comments “Shady” and “Irresponsible”

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Lately there has been alot of talk coming from Spike and nobody asked him for his opinion but he seems to think he speaks for all black people and those who like Tylers movies Jaimie Foxx is a great comedian and actor and he is a great musician. At the end of the day all men are talented in their own right the movies that they are creating arent exactly the presuit of happiness and lets be honest some people dont always like all the films made by Spike or Torrentino and the use of the nword was numerous some may not like the genre at all that the movie was going for but at the end of it all Spike made a public statement or we wouldnt be writing about it make sure to comment below!

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