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Singer Tyrese Gibson and Wife Samantha Lee Headed to Divorce Court

Tyrese  Gibson started as a singer in a Coca Cola television commercial advertisement in the late 90’s and then he was a lead actor on Baby boy numerous music videos and Fast and the Furious and some other notable movies he is still relevent today.

Samantha Lee reveals the surprise husband Tyrese Gibson gave her for her  birthday (photos)

It has been announced that Tyrese and Sam will be divorcing after 4 years of marriage.



Tyrese and his current wife are headed for divorce court this is after his obvious change in his mental state after he loss the fast and the furious movies for a year or two hey The Rock was the new dude that put a monkey wrench in Tyrese plans he was not quiet either he claimed that Shayla was also going to be taken from him.

Tyrese Gibson & His Wife Break Up: Couple's Divorcing After 4 Years –  Hollywood Life


Tyrese also lied and said  loan that never happened of $1 Million from Will Smith and Jada Pinkette Smith that never truly happened he admitted it on Dish Nation he was under duress and he couldnt believe how selfish that the Rock was and wanted to do a spin off “Hobbs and  Shaw” now we are not connecting that with the reason for their marriage seperation but he has two women he couldnt stay married to and some new additions to the family he better start singing and making money again or this is going to get really bad real quick.

Tyrese says … “I’ve wrestled with this question … How can we naturally know how to BE something we were never raised by? Most of us were raised in broken homes with NO examples of what being a husband, wife or FATHER is.”

Samantha Lee, Tyrese's Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
Samantha Lee estranged wife of Singer/Actor Tyrese Gibson he will be divorcing for the second time.

Tyrese also publicly said he did everything he could to keep the marriage afloat but in the end it was not enough to keep them together he and his wife Samantha had a daughter together and he shared a video on social media capturing a happier time in their lives. he then ended his post by stating on Tuesday on Social media “Our intention is to remain the best of friends & strong coparents.”

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