#RHOA-Truth About Kenya Moore and Marc Daly Marriage

#Rhoa #KenyaMoore husband treats her disrespectfully on TV on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Marc Daly and Kenya Moore marriage unravels on air and off air.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daley have filed for divorce so now Kenya will raise her daughter as a single mother it appears Marc Daly has found a reality tv show to shop so now we see his motive he has the audacity to try this we will see if the show will be picked up byĀ  a network nothing is official at this time.

Marc Daley has been on the show and the way he treated Kenya was so embarassing because he lacked the respect for her but wanted to be friends with Nene Leakes instead of understanding they have a history as a spouse he should just stay quiet but it it could be possible he is working with Zues or Bravo we will let you know as soon as we hear about it.

Mark does not like to film so maybe that’s what he was saying about hating to be married or maybe he was just talking about the cameras make sure that you go ahead and, Below on this today subscribe like this channel thanks for watching

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