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Piers Morgan Goes Off About Megan and Harry Interivew with Oprah CBS

Piers Morgan Walks Off Live TV on Good Morning British TV


Megan Markle had an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey and now thing are getting crazy online because of the way that Megan was treated and her unborn child skin color in question the interview with Winfrey went viral and for good reason. British racism is now the hot topic the idea in Britian is that it is an over current it is hidden in plain sight.

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Megan also did mention that she knew that the media was going to get to go after her mother and father and took some planning to ensure they were protected,later on the paparrazzi would even go as far to locate Thomas Markle Sr. luring him with gifts and to pay for information from her own fahterĀ  Mr. Markle the photographers went as far to evenĀ  move in to an apartment next door in Mexico this was revealed by Meghan during the interview even no he is still talking to the press Piers Morgan interviewed him and treated him kindly compared to his own daughter like Charles we think Thomas is not a good father to his daughter because he should feel the need to protect her rather than to get paid for interviews with a man who tried to get with his daugther got swiped because well Piers is around the same age as her father come one now!

How could Piers possibly think that Meghan wanted to go home with him even if she drank a hole bottle of Ciroc smh either way enough of the games and jokes this is not laughing matter someone needs to call out her daddy for talking to Piers this is bad.

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Samantha Markle wrote a book about her sister and made money by creating a book about her sister calling her the pushy princess.Then Megan MarkleĀ  arrives to Kesington palace and guess what?

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The media attacked MeganĀ  for breaking royal protocal hit pieces about how Harry wanted to marry the white girl instead of the new exotic mixed raced actress from the americas.

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The tabloids do not report the news they create the news and already were privy to the information they were seeking before the wedding. The father of Megan Markle was not present and there were chuckles about the type of wedding preaching sermon provided by William his own brother and other members of the family on air live at the same time we learned Megan father Thomas Markle had been paid to let the paparrazi take photos of him to put him into a better light.


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Chaka Khan claims she has lived in the United States and Great Britian and the racism is the same no matter were she has lived.Piers Morgan then said said M is a ruthless social climber.


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After the racism claims The crown will now have investigation into Megan Markle into bully claims. The problem is that if this happened this is wrong and that they said no securty for them they were also told he could not be a prince.

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A comment was made that the televised wedding was the second wedding no one is mad at that but this commentary was added to Good Morning BritianĀ  live tv were Piers Morgan got so mad that that Alex a biracial British man said


Your mad at Megan because she left you behind and now your just upset about it till this day she has not even mentioned you since then but you keep on with this … he didnt get much more out because Piers Morgan walked off and quit the show.


were married already when the wedding took place on TV.This is kinda sad but many are upset about the way that Megan Markle took down the next Queen.Ā  Ask what color might the baby be does it really matter I would never ask that question.. the problem is like Diana Megan stole the show.


William and Harry are not speaking at this time due to the way he felt about the marriage to Megan no one ever accepted her they just liked to take photos that made them appear to accept a women who was not the choice of the queen and also it appears the racist brotch was not the only thing that happened.

Piers Morgan then fired backĀ  We do not know the context of that conversation he said and then said it may not be a benevolent thing to say?

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