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Orlando Bloom gets Caught with a Side Piece in A Hotel

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Orlando Bloom is a Player and he got caught  Katy Perry and Orlando are now Broken Up 

this was not the first strike but the last. Orlando Bloom was seen canoeing along the lake with no pants on or underwear !

I like many are  really shocked… I personally, always thought of Orlando Bloom  as just an actor  who was very good looking and talented now  he is making headlines so we have to speak on it.

The women was found in the bed of the actor he left early and the hotel employee was snitched out and her bosses fired her for fraternizing on grounds with a customer she was found in his bed so no way to get out of it but she did say Well Worth it. 

Poor Katy Perry, should just get with a regular guy word on the streets they have been seen together in the past few months.

Now Katy has been seen with him again- I do not blame her but she needs to think how long will it be till he cheats again?

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I love pirates of the Caribbean but this whole thing with Orlando throws me off and also makes me wonder what is really going on I don’t blame Katy for going her separate ways they were seen just a week ago canoeing then this !


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