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90 Day Fiancee Out of The Blue Recap


 Dinner with Stacey and tom and  her sisters fiancee.Tom is doing to much on Stacey side Tom doesn’t love her and her sister knows that. Darcy knows Tom is not into her and Darcy is a bumbling drunk she had a melt down.

Grand Canary islands was a lie and he never was going to propose to Darcy he is not into Darcy she looks so stupid because of Tom I’m done.The Body language or the attraction is not there.. Tom is trash for acting like he is above Darcy.

Tom told Darcy in front of her sister I will not tell you I love you or get down on one knee.

Tom is playing with Darcy mind she looks so tacky and desperate and drunk. A source told press that t he reason Darcy was upset wasn’t because of Stacy but because of Toms so called side piece he was talking to at the same time as Darcy.

Omar and Avery consummate the marriage. Omar said the kiss was weird and then he told Avery will not dance on the street and Omar showed his true colors. Syrian men can marry four women Avery keep that in mind.

Meanwhile in Kenya Akinyi freaky ass is talking provocative …

Akinyi goes to meet Benjamin but she comes off like she wants to have sex or something she said that no man can resist sleeping with her  which was a little much but hey this girl doesn’t see as innocent as she made it seem , Ben, is paying a bride price for what?

Akinyi said there will be a lot of trials and tribulations not to touch the forbidden fruit, then she said’s the cookie jar it was crazy.

Rhinovirus   ass and other foreign,  body parts of the animals at the zoo, then Ben son comes up and she said she doesn’t want to be step mother but friend..

I don’t understand why he didn’t ask this question before coming all the way to Kenya???

Ben seems like a deer in the headlights Akinyi and her family are playing a mental game with Ben and he doesn’t even see it! 

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