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Nicki Minaj Is Mad at Bey-once for Surgery Shaming


Nicki Minaj must be mad at Bey for speaking her mind and there is nothing wrong with Bey telling her peeps she doesn’t like the plastic surgery.

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Beyonce has some good genes so maybe she doesn’t need the work done like some stars what a blessing why would you be mad at another for being natural she may wear wigs and makeup but Bey is a hard worker and so is Nicky bother beautiful successful women.


Now we all know Nicki Minaj is a successful multiplatinum-selling rapper who is a female signed Cash Money Records Label shoot off label Cash Money Billionaires headed by Lil Wayne.

Nicki has always had to defend her plastic surgery but as we all know she doesn’t need to we know you have had work done and if that makes you happy doesn’t mean it will make others happy. Micheal Jackson had work done and more work is done till he was unrecognizable in the entertainment industry there is a pressure to be young now there is a pressure to have a big butt and fake implants and nose jobs chin chizzle and many advancements have been made in the cosmetic surgery industry.

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The talented rapper also is seen as a human Barbie and yes she has had some work done we all see it was just a butt job who knows how much work has been done on any given star, we all saw what happened to Michael Jackson overtime the body tries to morph back to the natural form, so why would you want to get plastic surgery unless required to?

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Maybe Nicky is mad but sometimes its best to let the hands of time allow its way you can just get botox and all kinds of work done but it doesn’t always work out for every patient there would not be a show called “botched if all surgery worked as they claim to work its cosmetic surgery breast implants butt shots etc depending on the procedure safe options are fat transfers which are invasive but do not use foreign material like silicone which can prove to be deadly if the implants burst in your body you could die.


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