Nancy Polosi Home Vandalized Pigs Head & Blood and Mayhem

Nancy Polosi House Speakers home has been vandalized  this may because of the leak from the White House that the $2000 Stimilus was not likely to pass after Donald Trump has had a mental breakdown after he loss the election he always knew that the House Sen are upset about the loss of Republican rule in the White house and Pelosi called out Mitch and then it was revealed Congress has been unable to reach a deal for a $2,000 relief bill in recent weeks, and Speaker Pelosi publicly called out Sen.

Mitch McConnell for claiming there was “no realistic path” to make it happen.


Coronavirus stimulus: Mitch McConnell says relief deal unlikely soon

Law enforcement believes it could be anger because of the Stimulus Checks not being $2000 but $600 the interesting thing is Mitch Mcconnell seems to be the most hated after he said the $2000 Stimulus is socialism for the rich after he denied the vote many are going to likely vote him out of the house when the time comes.

Nancy Pelosi Has Donald Trump by the Balls (In a Manner of Speaking)

Law enforcement sources tell us … San Fran cops responded to a vandalism call at Pelosi’s home around 3 AM. We’re told a police report was taken, but it’s unclear if they have any suspects.

NancyPelosi’s  home was vandalized over night in San Francisco…The bandits that broke in write ” Cancel Rent ” and also in big black letters “We Want Everything” the most disturbing is that the pigs head was placed in the driveway with fake blood were set up in front of her garage.

Breaking news as this article was written Mitch Mcconnells home Vandalized this is after the millions of tweets went out about his rich people do not care about poor peoples problems some are ready to kick him out of office question is when is his time up ?


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