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MIA Blames Jay for her Career Flopping

MIA performed Paper planes while pregnant signed to roc nation management not label from what are sources say but we will update you on this on our next broadcast on our Youtube Channel.

Paper Planes song was just about  everywhere, MIA  claims  Jay didn’t help her after the incident and she wanted the world to know her music didn’t work because Jay didn’t promote or help her with her music after the incident.

Controversial appearance at the Super Bowl 

MIA  was asked to Sign over 2 Million of her earnings and she put her middle finger and her career ended with a contract but she didn’t follow up after that.

NFL Sued her for 1.5 Million because she put the middle finger up i don’t see why she did it!

The NFL wanted 100% earnings for the rest of her life if she makes more than two million.

 The reason is the FCC and the NFL have an agreement so they are fined for cussing and obscene things like the middle finger wow but hey we are not in america when it comes to these so called organizations who care so much of their image nowadays…

In the future the singer songwriter has now emerged again reporting the case was settled but bad mouthing Jay is not going to help her so she should move on independently but its not that easy to be a indie artist.

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