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SIRI Can Now Safely Record Police Encounters

Siri can do alot of things she can even star in a movie with Joaquin Phoenix in "Her" now she can even act as...

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What Really Happened with Janet Jackson and her Ex Husband🤷‍♀️ ??

Janets Secret Husband's in the Past... Janet has always kept everything secret even now so when she was getting a Divorce  to Alizondo who was...

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Bill Cosby Wants Of Jail

Bill Cosby's Legal team wants him out of jail but the issue is he is already been tried and found guilty of being a...

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Deray Davis Exposes Women Taking Advantage of HIM at 11 years old😯😲😳

As a man there is no age that it isn't cool to have sexual relations with an older women. The interview on Vlad TV went...

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LIL KIM Music Review

Lil Kim, has always been the Queen B. Yes! There will always  naysayers because of the new rappers that have come into the game which...

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