Meghan Markle’s Dads Speaks against The Royals on Live TV

Meghan the now duchess is already making waves is it because of the British rules of how she should act how she should look likely not it may be the lack of ability to be herself and it is not easy being a royal her father spoke about this publicly and now it is said Meghan is in trouble with the Queen of England.?

The guidelines of the palace has been hard for Meghan and her father said he knows she is unhappy.

Dress guidelines and nail polish and also being silenced and now all of sudden she has not way to speak or communication of her dad and when he staged the photos for the wedding and was paid by the paparazzi.

Now Meghan is not allowed to speak to her father due to his loose lips with the media.
Read our next article of the recent interview he had that last nine hours!!

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