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Megan Markles EX BFF, Hating on The Duchess with New Reveal

Meghan and Harry are Shocked

As we all know,  Harry loves his new wife adores his new children and he is happy guess his family and her family and now a friend has been calling TMZ or any other outlet that listens about Meghan Markle’s so called master plan.

Meghan and Harry have found leaving royal life a lot harder than expected and it is no wonder of course no security stripped of your Royal titles and it doesn’t stop there there was a man who stalked the Harry and Meghan at their home in California.


We have to keep in mind in this day in age, we know clout is valuable and tea with its hot or warm or cold can get you a bag just for knowing the person.


Meghan’s childhood friend and pretty much anyone else she has met along the way claims she is lying about knowing about Prince Harry and Diana, new reveal is that Meghan was not telling the truth on National TV she adored the Princess diaries and certainly knew who the royals where because she was obsessed with the princess movies and especially the Princess of Wales Diana. 

Though Meghan’s ex besties some have but neutral Jessica hasn’t and Meghan grew up together and most of us girls and guys do often have a friend we help and love as much as family.

Now we are aware that once you move on in your life and things change we often leave those behind we may have been close with and they are not happy to see you on shine or win or even be happy in love depending on their current situation.


According to  Meghan’s friend  they were close but have barely spoken since she married and divorced her first ex husband who was a director in Hollywood they grew apart and Meghan sent his ring back allegedly and broke off the marriage if your not happy run get out when you can nothing wrong with that right?

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